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اسلامی محفل
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Don't Be Sad - Allah Is There

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A man entered the masjid when it was not the time for Prayer, and he found a ten-year-old boy praying with proper focus and humility. He waited until the boy had finished praying, then he greeted him, and said, "Whose son are you?" The boy lowered his head and a tear rolled down his cheek, then he raised his head, and said, "O uncle, I am an orphan who has no father or mother." The man felt sorry for him, and said, "Would you like to be my son?" The boy said, "If I get hungry will you feed me?" The man said, "Yes." The boy said, "If I am naked will you clothe me?" The man said, "Yes." The boy said, "If I fall ill will you cure me?" "I am not able to do that, my son." The boy said, "If I die will you bring me back to life?" The man said, "I am not able to do that."




The boy said, "Then, leave me uncle, to the One who created me, for He will guide me, and He is the One who gives me food and drink. If I fall sick He heals me, and He is the One who, I hope, will forgive me on the Day of Judgment."




The man fell silent and went on his way, saying, "I believe in Allah. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah will suffice him."




No matter how overwhelmed you are by grief and despair, you will not be able to bring back any past events. Remember that Allah's mercy embraces all things. Remember Almighty Allah who says:

(Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.) (Ar-Ra`d 13:28)

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