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Announcement: Signature Setting Limits

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(salam) to All Muslims,

Forum Per Signature Limits Muqarar Ker Di Gayi Hain.. Chonkey Her Member Key Pas DSL Ki Saholat Nhin Hoti. Aur Dialup Waley Users ko Signatures Sey Kafi Pareshani Ka Samna Rehta Hai. Tu Tamam Members In Limits Mein Reh Ker Apna Signature Add Ker Saktey Hain.. Ager Aapka Signature Pora Nhin Aata Tu Koshish Ker Key Ussey Mukhtasar Ker Dein. Ya Image Hai Tu Uska Size/Resolution Kam Ker Dein.


  • New Member's 12 Posts Sey Qabal Signature Add Nhin Ker Saktey.
  • Signature Mein Sirf Aik Image Add Ho Sakta Hai.
  • Image Key Maximum dimensions Width: 550px, Height: 145px (This is enough size for image and No Animated GIF please)
  • Maximum 3 URLS Signature Mein Add Ho Saktey Hain.
  • Text Signaute 5 Lines Sey Zyada Mein Add Nhin Ho Sakey Ga.


Note: Members Key Signature Disable Kerney key Liye Forum Mein Aik Default Setting Already Mojod Hai. Ager Aap Key Liye Signatures Pareshani Ka Ba'is Hain. Tu MY SETTING >> FORUM TAB >> View members' signatures when reading topics? sey Check Hata Dein. Tu Kisi Member ka Siganture Show Nhin Hoga. (azw)(ia)


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