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Dars E Nizami Books

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I am a student of the Arabic language and have recently been trying to buy books that are taught within this field throughout the course of the normal dars e nizami syllabus. The "problem" is that I have been unable to find (here in the UK) a maktaba that sells books of this kind with shuruh and hawashi written by sunni(as opposed to Deobandi) scholars. I have purchased over 50 books in sarf nahw balaghah adab and all are from those affiliated with various dar ul uloom deoband.


There is a Dawat e Islami maktab in Birmingham, and the only useful thing I found there was Ilm al Sarf by charhatawi, dar ul Ishaat, which as far as I am aware is a deobandi maktab and the scholar I presume is/was also deobandi ( I found this astonishing at the time).


I was wondering in pakistan in the jamiat al madina exactly which sharh/hasiyah are used, are deobandi materials allowed and used?


Does anyone know where i buy find material by sunni scholars?


The material, as far as i can tell, that I have brought seems all to be excellent and very useful, and I have decided there is nothing reprehensible about the use of it, from a sunni perspective, though I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


Jazkumullah khayr ahsanul jaza.

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1) Miat amil

2) Marah al arwah

3) Hidayatun nahw (available on the Dawat e Islami website)

4) Kafiyah

5) Duroos al balaghah (available on the Dawat e Islami website)

6) Sabaa Muallaqaat

7) Dewan Hamasa

8) Sharh mullah Jami alal Kafiyah

9) Talkhis al Miftah

10) Mukhtasar al maani


These are many of the books that are taught in the Jamiat ul Madina and (excepting marah al arwah) I have these books and various commentaries in English, Urdu, Persian and Arabic. However the majority of these Shuruh are, as I mentionned previously, by non 'sunnis' or even non muslims. Do you have information on the editions (and author of the sharh etc.) of these books as published by Dawat e Islami; where might I find them online or where online or in the UK will I be able to buy them? (The following is seemingly all the information on the Dawat e islami website) http://www.dawateisl...tml/Elmia7.html



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ok dear i will tell you all information about mention books.


Aslammy Alykum Brother,


There is a maktub in Bolton from where I bought Darse-e-Nizami Books. Insha allah I will let you know about their website address tomorrow



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In Bolton I am aware of this particular retailer (which is probably the one you are referring to) ************************** which I have visted thrice, and intend to visit again.


They have many of the dars e nizami titles I have listed above but the authors are all deobandi, as it is a deobandi maktab. They also have many books from publishers in the Arab world whose authors are obviously not deobandi.

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