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Hazrat Khizer Alehis Salam Nabi ya Wali?

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wasalam.gif to all


please tell me Hazrat khizar alaehissalam was nabi or wali??

i have become confused if he is not nabi why we add "alaehissalam" end of his name.

can we add "alaehissalam" with hasnain karimain?

i m too confused.


Almadad Ya rasool Allah saw.gif

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Dear Brother,


Hazrat Khizar Alehe salam his was a Saint not a Prophet ,and the logical prove is that the objections of Hazrat Mosa Aleh salam to Hazrat Khizar Alehe salam,because no any Prophet do objection on other Prophet Shariat ,this mean Hazrat Khazir was a Saint and Quran clearly identified that he have knowledge of "Ludni"mean very own knowledge no one else can share this knowledge Quran did not mentioned this knowledge as a Shariat, if it was Shariat then it best be order to teach and preach,but it was particularly to Hazrat Khizar Alehe salam so it bounded to him either to give some one else or not this depend on him,now about next question simply in Arabic we daily use Salam by saying Assalaam'u'Alaikum this call Dua mean pray to second person,but if some one not appear we say Assalam alehe( Alehe) is to him,but you ask Wahabi why they use word in Pray Assalam'u'Aleka Yah Ayoho nabio,am sure they will not convince you,I'll hope you got the point

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