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For All The Sisters

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Assalamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu


For all my sisters smiley.gif


To beautify your eyes, lower your gaze towards strange men, this

will make your eyes pure and shiny.


To beautify your face and make it shiny, keep making wuzu minimum five times a day


To have attractive lips, always mention AllahSubhanahu wa Ta'ala and remember to speak the truth.


As for blush and rouge, "Modesty" (Haya') is one of the best brands and it can be found in any of the Islamic centers.


To remove impurities from your face and body, use a soap called "Istighfaar".(seeking forgiveness of Allah) this soap will remove any bad deeds.


Now about your hair, if any of you has a problem of hair split ends, then I suggest "Islamic Hijab" which will protect your hair from damage.


As! for jewelry, beautify your hands with humbleness and let your hands be generous and give charity to the poor


To avoid heart disease, forgive people who hurt your feelings.



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