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Riza Karon Ki Zarorat - رضا کاروں کی ضرورت

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In the name of Allah, the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

Need for volunteers

With the grace of Allah, more than seventy five (75) Urdu books and over one hundred and sixty five (165) articles are presenting islamieducation.com (Urdu section) currently; among them include some voluminous times. Like wise, strategy for publishing books in English section is formed, and eight (8) books have been published and some other books will be publishing in coming days, if Allah wills; and number of articles (in English section) is more than 200. All these works are outcomes of a joint effort in which cooperation of our members was been with us and will remain, with Allah’s blessings.


Composing Section:


In this regard, some sections were started in islamimehfil.info, among which one is Composing Section. Composing Section was shut for some time previously due to which members related to this are not active. Now, this series is started again systematically. All ex-members who were inactive (in this section) are moved again to the ‘normal group’. If those members want to do composing, who were part of Composing Team and are no more now, then they will have to reply in this topic in order to join the section again.


For Composing Section, we are in look for volunteers who join us and transfer the written content of Scholars of Ahle Sunnat into Electronic Media for millions and billions of Muslims on internet with intention of acquiring spiritual reward. A little effort from us can become a great reward such that until this book will be read, we will get reward with the mercy of Allah Almighty.


As requirement of this section, you should know at least a little about operating Inpage Urdu Software,no problem with typing speed. Pages of articles and books are distributed to the members that every member can type easily. Further details will be given in the Composing Section to the members who will join. Procedure for joining is simple. Send a reply to this topic and express your plan of joining the Composing Section. You will then get authorization to join it.


Names of the responsible members of Composing Section are:




(1) Bhai Jaan

(2) Chishti Qadri

(3) Qufl e Madinah


If any member wants to ask a question or has an issue, they can contact me (Sag-e-Attar)or these members mentioned.


Translation Section:


Second section on islamimehfil.info is Translation Section, whose work is to translate the articles and books of Scholars of Ahle Sunnat into English. Allah Almighty be praised! For now, our members have translated four (4) books and numerous articles into English.Other than translation, we also require Proofreaders instantly. If you can either do translation or proofreading or both, then join this section.


As requirement of this section, for sure you should be skillful concerning English Language. Procedure for joining the section is same, by replying to this topic you can join the section.


Responsible person of this section is our brother Ghulam e Azhari. Contact him for any question or query.


Video-Making Section:


This section is specialized for our Ja-Alhaq.com website, which is on the subject of Refutation of Hypocrites. If you can make video with the help of software in which English text, Urdu images(usually scans), speech in your own voice or speeches of Scholars of Ahle Sunnat are set; then you can join the section. Procedure for joining is the same, inform by replying in this topic.


Responsible person of this section is our brother ExposingNifaq. Further detail can be acquired from him.


Important Notice:


All these services are to attain pleasure of Allah Almighty. This doesn’t involve one’s personal benefit. If you think that you are capable to do work in these sections then you should submit your services to the religion. We waste tens of hours in useless acts while surfing computer and internet. If, instead of those useless acts, we surf our time in serving the religion then splendid rewards will come under possession in the hereafter. May Almighty Allah grant us capability to increasingly do works for the religion. Aameen!



Edited by Sag-e-Attar
Edited Some Mistakes and Thanks to Ghulam e Azhari Bhayi for English Translation.
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الصلوہً و السلامُ علیک یا رسول اللہ


اسلامُ علیکم


Text Composing:

I m available with few problems

Sometime net doesnt work for days at my side

Sometime I m out of station



I think it should be done by Ulema and I m not one.


Video Composing:

If you mean presentation I m available if others I m ready to learn too.



I have told you my status if u feel me to be of any use, I m available.

I think you might also ask Alahazratnetwork.com administrator.



اسلامُ علیکم

اللہ حافظ

Edited by smharoon
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(ia) i am available for composing section. (ia)






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Bhai Umr abhi In teams ko join kerne k leye logon ko Dawat di ja rahi hai .. ap b apne contacts , friends ya dosre users ko dawat den . InshaALLAH us k baad Zimmadaraan sab ko bata dain g k kaise aor kia karna hai , InshaALLAH .






I am Waiting

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English of this article is now updated on the first post, those who find problem in reading urdu can now read the english article and hope to see your participation in the section(s). JazakAllah.



MashALLAH ncie to see more volunteers!! please all the brothers ans sisters invite your friends and fellows to work on. as we need english Islamic lietarure badly. as unfotunately the english literaure available is from those crap wobbbies.and most of our revrted muslims get distracted!


may ALLAH Azzawajal accept this try of us all! and help us work sincerely and eagerly.



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me b hazir hun kam k liye.......

i can work 4:

Composing section, (im already workin 4 it (azw)(al) )


video making section....


i'v got many video bayanat ov Allama Arshad Saeed Kazmi sb, bt till now i ddnt get any time 2 upload dem........bt i want to upload those speeches on Ja-Al Haq


(azw)(ia) i'l manage to make time if u allow me access to Video Making section......



reply ka intezar rahy ga.......

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I'm a computer operator and I've experience of working on computer for about 11 years. I want to join Composing section willingly. I'll be happy if any response received. Thanks!


Walaikum Salam,


Dair Sey Reply Kerney Per Muaz'rat.. Aap Composing Team Key Member Ban Chukey Hain.. Wahan Per Hidayaat Wala Topic Read Ker Lein.


Wassalam Ma'Al Ikram

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Asalam o Alikum... Sir i want to do composing but have less time available ... mostly im busy with my job ...so cant tell you how much i can work .. but i want to do composing work ... i can type in urdu but speed is less then normal ... but i want to do this ... pls reply

Nisar A. Mughal

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i am available for transalating books from urdu, sindhi to english language as iam not an expert of english but i am well aware of english upto this that i can translate urdu books of sunni scholors to english language,,,AlhumduLlilah with an an experience of translation i am well aware of Islami books,,,possesing a good grip on islamic literature especially on controversial issues

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!اسلام علیکم

میں ہر طرح کی خدمت کے لءے حاضر ہوں ۔کمپیوٹر اور کمپوزنگ دونوں کاموں سے اچھی طرح واقف ہوں ۔بندہِ ناچیز کے لءے کوءی کام ہو تو ضرور خدمت کا موقع دیں۔


حافظ مستعان الہی ہاشمی

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