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    khawab ki tabeer

    tafsir al ahlam, There is no shielding law through after which we can verify ourselves completely against mix-ups. That is the motivation behind why the thinkers, who encircled the principles of the rationale and created the methods for exchange and assembled the contentions of theory, fell persistently into mix-ups and left as the inheritance of their numbness many false thoughts and mixed up ways of thinking and vain talks.

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  1. تفسير الاحلام tafsir al ahlam Interpretation of Dreams A specialized

    تفسير الاحلام tafsir al ahlam Interpretation of Dreams A specialized site in the presentation of the Dictionary of Interpretation of Dreams and visions free of charge in the order of letters arranged according to the Koran and the Sunnah of the Book of Interpretation Muhammad ibn Sirin Interpretation of Dreams to Ibn Sirin tafsir al ahlam