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Found 4 results

  1. Ajkal Fb aur YouTube pay Engineer Mirza Ali naam ka bnda musalmano me fitna phela raha hai. uskay mutabiq baray mujtahdeen aur ulama jahil hain. is baray me ulama ahle sunnat ka koi qarara jwab abi tak dekhnay me nai aya..
  2. All Muslims and Qadyani's are welcome here for peaceful Discussion. Below are the Simple rules for this post. I request everyone to please follow the rules: 1- No Abusive Language or Harsh words. 2- No links to external sites. 3- No pictures with external links are allowed 4- No personal email id, cell #, address, Skype, etc 5- No bad words for anyone. 6- No video or video links are allowed for this discussion. If any kind of violation is found, that post will be edited and member should be Warned/Banned. I hope you people would stay calm and represent your arguments in good manners. If you need any kind of help about uploading images, you can ask us by sending a message to me or saying your problem in this post. Staff Team, IslamiMehfil.com
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