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Most Dignified Ones In The Community.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

Iyadh bin Ghanam narrated that Allah's Messenger, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:--

            ''I was informed by the Heavenly hosts of Angels that the most dignified among my followers

              are people who rejoice in public when they ponder the Vastness of Allah's all-compassing Mercy

             and Compassion, and they weep privately when they contemplate the rigorous punishment He

            reserved for the sinners and the deniers of the truth. They sit in His Blessed Masjid (mosques)

          morning and evening- worshipping Him and celebrating His Praises inwardly; and they implore Him

        with their tongues outwardly with reverence and awe.

       They pray to Him with their hands raised as well as lowered... they take little from people, and yet it

      bears heavily on their hearts. They walk barefooted, humble, unpretentious, and unnoticed just like ants,

     without finery; and they are free of self-adulation. They walk with dignity and serenity, and they rise to the

   nearest of their  Lord through their link to His Messenger. They wear the garment of good conduct and follow

   the clear proof.

  They read the Qur'an regularly, take their daily guidance from it, and they happily make the necessary personal

  sacrifices to meet its requirements. Almighty Allah has surrounded them with distinguished witnessing angels and

  faithful guardians, and He has illumined their faces with effulgence as a sign of His blessings upon them and as a

 demonstration of His satisfaction with them.''

Allahu Akbar!!  May Allah Ta'ala include us among these Servants of His, ameen.

                                            Culled from:-  HILYATUL AWLIYA, WA TABAQAT AL-ASFIYA (The Beauty of the Righteous and Ranks of the Elite), by

                                                                    Abu Nu'aim al-Isfahani.


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