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  1. Please give any reference or any quote to support this issue of fasting on the day of 12th Rabi ul awwal.
  2. salam alekum again, sister, if you know the answer, please let us know. this is one big confusion, what to do? agar peer ke din roza rakhna sunnnat hai to 12 rabi ul awwal ko rakhna to afzal hona chahiye aur zayda ba barkat hona chahiye. please answer bata dein agar aap k ilm mein hai to. wasslam
  3. salam alekum kaya 12 rabi ul awwal ka roza rakha jaa sakta hai? kuch hazrat kehte hain kay yeh din Eid hai aur kushi ka hai, isliye is din roza nahi rakhna chahiye.
  4. Dear Sister Assalam o alekum, Thanks a lot for your replies, your posts, your time. Allah ta'ala aap ko apni janab se jaza ata farmaye. Sister, I do understand that respecting and obeying parents in-law is a moral deed (Ikhlaqi faraz) but main reason behind asking this question was that obeying them is not religious duty or Isamic sharia'at faraz. After reading this above fatwa, I can make out that it is not religious duty, hence if it not fulfilled, there is no 'gunah' or no such liability by sharia'at. Lastly, Please check following links I've found while searching net: http://qa.sunnipath.com/issue_view.asp?HD=7&ID=9058&CATE=3640 http://qa.sunnipath.com/issue_view.asp?HD=1&ID=273&CATE=87 Do comment on this.
  5. Is it correct that husband must (wajib on him) divorce his wife if his parents ask him to do so, even husband doesn't want to do so and has no any issue and wife is not wrong? Some people give the reference of Ibn e Umar (Radi Allah anho) who divorced his wife because Hazrat Umar (Radi Allah anho) told him to do so AND one more saying (hadith) of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) where he mentioed to divorce your wife if parents say so? If son refuses to divorce then he is not obedient and hence Allah ta'ala will be angry with him?
  6. Please get me answers for my problem in light of islam: I am living with my husband in a joint family system (fater in-law, mother in-law, brothers & sisters in-law) and most of the time we have issue at our home that my mother in law says that I don't do work properly or not even doing it. Basically, even if I do work, she is not satisfied and i have some limits, after which I can not work because of my health. My in-laws blame me that I don't want to work or I am making excuses for not to work for them. 1. I would like to know what Islam says in this regard or What are the duties of a woman as a 'daughter in law'? 2. Being a woman what are my responsibilities in my in-laws home? 3. Does a woman have to listen to her husband or her parents in law? 4. Most importantly, Will a woman be liable by Islam if she doesn
  7. dear sister, please give me access to 'sister only' area.
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