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  1. Quran reading android is an Islamic app that helps the Muslims world wide to learn Quran with English translation, transliteration and audio recitation. The app teaches you how to learn quran e karem with tajweed with the help of translation, transliteration of each surah and audio recitation. Main Features including: It include all 114 surahs of Quran with proper surahs recitation Translation: of Quran in almost all languages the whole Quran translated to bahasa Indonesia, deutsch, English, espanol, Francis, italiano, اردو, 简体中文, فارسی. Transliteration: feature of Quran helps
  2. Learn Persian is an educational app which helps you to learn Persian or Farsi in easy way. Learn how to write and pronounce Persian names, numbers, Also, you will learn Persian, the alphabet, words, and letters. Now learn Persian is now much easier with our special language app. Download Learn Persian Android Application Features of this app are as follows: · Alphabets: Alphabets is basic and necessary pillars to understand any language. This App provides alphabet’s with English translation. · Numbers: This App will provide you Persian numbers with English translation and
  3. LilMuslim - Kids Dua is an Android game, which is designed for Muslim Kids to help them in learning the Daily Duas. The app provides phrases and MP3 Audios to facilitate kids in their easy learning. Snappy puzzle finishing amusement and test in later stages will stick them to the screen until the very end of the diversion. Download Lil Muslim 2 - Learn Duas for Android Game Features: The Game has 32 levels in which first 17 contain a puzzle while remaining contain quiz for the kids to help them in memorizing the Islamic Duas. Following are the Duas which are included in the
  4. Salah is the obligatory ritual, which is compulsory to establish hence has declared one of the significant pillar to strengthen faith and devotion with the Mighty Lord. Apart from the obligatory prayers there are some voluntary prayers entailing double virtues and are source of redemption for the Muslims. In Hadith, it is stated that Allah will ask from His angels, on Judgment day that: “Look at My slave’s prayer, is it complete or lacking?’ If it is complete, it will be recorded as complete, but if it is lacking, He will say, ‘Look and see whether My slave did any voluntary (Nawafil) pray
  5. Spiritual connectivity with Allah depends entirely on the sheer faith in hearts because Taqwa comes with belief in Allah and in continuous connection to Him. The hustle bustle life and spiritual procrastination has made Muslims ignorant leading to delay in Salah, paying alms, pilgrimage performance, and Quran reading. Allah has given us free will to strive in establishing strong connection with Him in order to reinvigorate the bond of connectivity. Salah Remedy for Spiritual Connection: Salah or Namaz is the best way to make this spiritual connection stronger by offering prayers five t
  6. ‘Learn Arabic-language guide’ is a great app developed by ‘QuranReading’ for the purpose of learning Arabic. If you are traveling to an Arabic country or wish to learn Arabic for some reason, then look no further because this app is just the thing for you. Download and install this app and be on your way to learning Arabic the quickest way possible! Download Arabic English From Play - Store Features Translation The app has an English-to-Arabic translations of basic words and phrases to help you familiarize with the basics of the language. Tap on each word to hear the nar
  7. This world of calamities is not void of miracles and happen when one lose all one’s hope. It happens in the world of medicine when people succumb to miseries and forget that there is majestic deity who exhibits remedy for all the cures. With the advent of technology, humans give birth to numerable diseases for which science is still in search of inventing ailment. People who ardently believe in spirit treatments fall mostly for the power it holds, but the vibes of technology have rendered its followers. Quran encompasses solution to almost every problem and in it is relief for everyth
  8. Hajj and Umrah Guide provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand Guide about the Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca). Umrah & Hajj Guide is an Islamic Smartphone Application that helps Muslims everywhere throughout the world to think about each part of the execution of the religious ceremonies of Umrah and Hajj in the best way. Download Umrah And Hajj Guide From Play - Store Features: Guidance & Information: Whole information about both Pilgrimages Umrah & Hajj. Easy to understand: Simply comprehensible User Interface with beautiful visibility. Swiping Option: S
  9. ‘LilMuslim - Muslim Preschool’ is an Islamic smartphone app designed for Muslim kids and assists them in learning Arabic alphabets in a fun environment. It features a wonderful user interface with fun environment, cute characters and games through which learning Arabic becomes all faster and easier for them. Download LilMuslim - Muslim Preschool Arabic Alphabet Game for Android Features The app starts by displaying a house with the word ‘enter’ on its creaking door. Upon tapping it, you are taken to a screen where you choose between three different levels upon swiping across the
  10. Islam is the religion in which Muslims can stay connected with his/her Creator at whatever time, anyplace By having a propensity for presenting heavenly "AAYATS" which are generally called "DUAS". Our Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him) has asked a lot of times for asking dua whether you are happy or sad.This application is a best stage for you to stay in contact with your ALLAH anyplace whenever. This application gives you a way to stay conected with your Creator for 24 hours of a day probably dua is a gift from our ALLAH we must have the propensity for recounting it before doing any sort of
  11. It is a Ramadan Gift from Mobile Tin, uncommonly intended to make your Ramadan excellent. We have attempted to give all the siblings with a chance to listen to Naat Collection right from their Smartphones. The application is extremely basic and simple to utilize. You should do nothing more than to Download the application, select the Naat from the rundown and play your most loved Naat. Naats Download mp3 - Play - Store The Application has the following list of top Islamic Naats: 1. Qaseeda Burda Shareef 2. Dar E Nabi Per Para Rahoonga 3. Kabe Pari Jab 4. Kuve Nabi Se Ana
  12. The application “10 Surah for kids” is the Quran Verses app which includes last ten Surahs of Quran with their translation, transliteration and audio recitation. In this app audio recitation of the Surahs is provided word by word which is very unique feature. This feature has an important role in learning Surahs of Quran. Especially your kids will easily learn Quran and Surahs of Quran by using this application. To download this app links are provided below for both android and iOS users. Click Here to Download 10 Surah App for Kids in Android Click Here to Download 10 Surah App for Kids
  13. A concise smartphone app developed for Muslims by QuranReadingTM to have the Holy Quran handy with them at all times. Download Quran With Urdu Translation - Read Quran - Android Features: · Translation Choose a translation language of your choice from the choice of nine languages in settings. · Search and ‘go to’ Search directly for a surah from the main page and save seconds of scrolling time. Also, jump to an ayah by tapping on the ‘go to’ button while reading a surah. · Transliteration and Audio Correct your recitation/pronunciation by hearing
  14. Quran describes complete description of all aspects of life; whether it is social, political, and economical or life after death. This application helps you to find benefits of reading surah Mulk on daily basis. Surah al Mulk protects from the torment of grave. Listen audio Recitation of surah Mulk in famous Reciters voice. Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amolk.ursurahalmulkqarisadaqataliquranramadantilawataudiomp3 Application Features · . · Use play and stop button to listen surah al Mulk audio recitation.
  15. Surah Waqiah app is the application containing full Surah Waqiah with translation and transliteration of the whole Surah word by word. This app also brings audio recitation of the Surah Waqiah in the voices of the Reciters of Holly Quran Mishary Rashid Al-Afsay, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Saad Al Ghamdi. All Muslims are well known with the pleasant voices of these Reciters. Which listening the recitation of Surah Waqiah in this application brings a sweat and faithful feelings in the hearth of the listener. To download this app with its audio recitation, links are given below. Click Here to
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