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  1. I want to draw attention of all readers and members of this forum to a point that Panjtan Paak(AS) who include Huzoor Nabi Kareem(SAWAW), Huzoor Maula Ali(AS), Huzoor Syeda Fatima-tu-Zahra (Salam Allah-Ho Alaiha), Huzoor Syed Imam Hassan-al-Mujtaba(AS) and Huzoor Syed Imam Hussain(AS) are the very first creation of Almighty Allah and the whole Universe was created later. These Holy Noori Personalities should come after the holy name of Almighty Allah where Sahaba Ikram(RA) all fall within the purview of Ghulam of Panjtan Paak(AS) but in the post Sahaba Ikram(RA) are mentioned above the Holy Pa
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