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  1. Learn Arabic is an educational tool which is designed for the beginners who want to learn Arabic language. It has all the features which can help a person to learn Arabic with English translation and mp3 audios. It has some additional amazing features which are quite helpful for those who want to travel and want to do job in Middle East. Features embedded are: All Arabic alphabets Arabic words to learn Arabic dictionary Arabic conversations and their English translations with mp3 audios Arabic for Urdu speakers Download this easy to use App especially for the Urdu speakers who are keen to
  2. We are living in the time where we are more concerned with the western cultures and events. But on certain occasions we need Islamic dates to commemorate the festivity of Islamic events like Eid, Hajj and Ramadan. To solve this confusion Islamic Calendar App can tell you all about the Islamic dates and manual conversion of Hijri and Georgian dates into Islamic. This App provides the best features and is easy to use for all the users. Other features that makes it the best App includes: Hadith collection with it Hijri and Georgian manual conversion where user can choose himself Daily Hadith
  3. Sahih Muslim is an authenticated book Of Hadith and this app is designed by compiling all sayings of Muhammad from an authenticated source. Distinctive features of this app are as follows. Download Sahih Muslim Urdu Essential Features of this App: Introduction: This section contains the information of all the work and dedication of Imam Muslim. List of Books: This feature divides the collection of hadith in to 54 chapters related to different matters of life. Translation: Translation of all sayings of Muhammad in Urdu and English languages. Book Marking: Throu
  4. Urdu dictionary is a learning android app which is being designed and developed with the purpose of vocabulary enhancement of people. Some of the distinctive features of this app are given below. Download Urdu Dictionary Essential Features of this App: Home: This feature allows the user to select a word from desired language translate it in urdu and find out its English meaning as well. Thesaurus: This feature allows the user to select any Urdu alphabet and find out all related English searches starts from that Alphabet. Urdu Keyboard: Urdu keyboard feature allows the
  5. Quran Indonesia is an android app for Muslims. Now you can learn Quran easily on your android handsets. Enjoy smooth and beautiful graphics. Listen audio recitation by Mishary Rashid Alafasy. View transliteration in English and translation in many languages. Find other features now Download Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia MP3 for Android Have a look on some great Features: · Receive Quran in Indonesian language. · Get complete Quran with 114 ordered Chapters · Listen recitation in beautiful voice by Mishary Rashid Alafasy. · Read translation and underst
  6. Last 10 Surah of kids is an Islamic android app specially designed for kids and contains those features which attract the kids. This app is designed by Quran Reading which is an online Quran tutoring service and spread the knowledge of Quran to the people all around the globe. Download 10 Surah for Kids Essential Features of this App: Followings are some of the unique features of this app: ØColorful background and very attractive sound makes this app interesting for kids. ØAudio recitation of last ten Surah of Holy Quran in different multiple voices makes this app interesting. ØT
  7. 99 names of Allah and Muhammad is an Islamic android app with a basic aim of providing the knowledge of the beautiful names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH). This app is a production of Quran Reading which is an online Quran tutoring service and spread the knowledge of Islam in the people around the globe. Download 99 names of Allah and Muhammad(SAW) Essential Features of this App: ØBackground graphics of this app is very sound and attractive which makes this app attractive and makes the learning easier as well. ØAudio recitation of all the beautiful names of Allah Almighty and His
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