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  1. i am very happy to share your asma un nabi kreem name

    i need

  2. Here's the audio version Attar_bara_sohna_.mp3
  3. well, here's one manqabat http://www.islamimehfil.info/index.php?sho...entry3092
  4. waAlaykumsalam waRahmatullahi waBarakatohu. Do you mean to say that you need lyrics to a manqabat on Murshidi Attar to sing during a mehfil? Do you have any manqabats in mind that you would like to sing?
  5. What do you mean by you need to write a manqabat? Please elaborate ....
  6. AssalamuAlaykum Brothers and Sisters, I recently got this english translation of Kanz-ul-Iman from someone so I thought maybe I should share it here as well .... the translation is on 512 pages Kanz_ul_Iman_in_English.doc
  7. I've found this as well, jst give it a try if you want. Montreal Day: Saturday Time: After Isha Prayers Location: Faizan-e-Madina 6502 Parc Ave, QC H2V 4H9 Corner Beaubien Contacts: 514 - 2729509 FAIZAN-E-MADINA 514 - 9837861 Muhammad Faizal Attari Qadri Ijtima for Sisters (Montreal) Day: Sunday Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00pm Location: Aprt 911, Building 320 Dixion Rd, Etobicock
  8. AssalamuAlaykum I never said they sell books online. I said give them a ring or go there in person. If you're looking for a Faizan-e-Madinah in another place, you can still give them a ring and ask them about the place you're looking in. I'm sure they can help you, inshaAllah azzawajal. check this link as well; http://www.faizanemadinacanada.net/Montreal/contactus.htm
  9. SubhanAllah Azzawajal There's one Ijtimah in Birmingham as well on the 8th of March.
  10. Ameen! SubhanAllah azzawajal. JazakAllah for sharing with us.
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