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  1. Thank you very much for reply. what I perceive from your answer is that we should leave the books as they are. However, a question arises that what will be the status of those great ulema who have included these zaeef hadees and rivayat in their books. I am not going to give you examples but in our very authentic books their are rivayats that you can not read loudly in front of your sister and mother. These people do not deserve to be called ulema. I hope you won't mind and you should not. Please give scholarly answer. Faisal.
  2. Please read 1- Hayat ul Quloob Volume 2 by Mulla Baqir Majlasi. 2- Karb ul Isnad by Humari 3- Asool Kafi by Yaqoob Kulaini 4- Muntakhib ut tawaraeekh by Hashim Kharasani At the moment I can recall these books only. I would suggest to read the book "Binna e Arba" by Molana Mohammad Nafai, in this book references shia books are given. I am sure you will like it. If you need names of further books please let me know i will check. Allah Hafiz
  3. Salam all, I need to read and understand islamic concept of slavery (Ghulami), please if any body could recommend some good books. Please note that I am not sunni, I am muslim only therefore book from any sect will work as long as it is authentic. Allah Hafiz Faisal
  4. Salam, I need detailed answer on zaeef hadees that why they are appearing in our books. Were the writers of books not aware of them that they have written them in their books? Secondly, now that we know that they are in our books and zaeef why don't we expel them out from books? Please if some body could reply in detail. Allah Hafiz Faisal.
  5. Dear Lashari, Please answer the below questions. 1- Do you believe that present quran is tempered? 2- If you believe that present quran is not tempered then what do you say about those people who believe that present quran is tempered? If I give you references from shia books do u have courage to call them kafir? 3- Please mention in detail regarding your faith about 12 imams? 4- Do you ocnsider Hazrat Abu Bakar as Sahabi and momin? If yes then what do you say about people who do not consider him momin? In case I give you references from Shia books do u have courage to call them kafir? Your well wisher Faisal.