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  1. Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters Please free your minds from the spell of devil and please try to concentrate for sometime on what you are doing here over the internet just spreading hatred, what else all of us done here except for blaming each other, can any one tell me about any ALAM, PEER or teacher of Islam on whom there exists no Blame, can anyone tell please whether he is Sunni, Shiite, Whabi, deobandi, barelvi or any other Muslim, Can you give me one example Please. I can show you that everyone has been blamed you name someone and I will show you where, when and how he is blamed. Please come out of this and stop making fun of ourselves. Do anyone of us know that who is putting these comments he maybe a ant-Muslim maybe a qadyiani or anyone. Remember that they have more knowledge of Quran and Hadith than we Muslims have and they know how to destroy us by creating these fitnas and we have examples in the past don’t we remember how they broke Ottoman’s Empire. Please stop abusing each other no one of us is perfect we only have limited knowledge of Quran and hadith. Those of us ho are blaming Sheikh sb or any other Alim should first vist these ulama spend sometime with them understand their teachings and then make comments. Do you know what Prophet(P.B.U.H) said “ Fitna is more than murder”, are all of us doing murder over murder. I am also a student of Sheikh Sahib from Multan and that is what I have learnt in short time I have spent with him. Those of you who want to know about him please visit him in Multan and then make comments, Listen to all his lectures and then make coments. Those who have put teachings over internet are incomplete and out of context. Listen to those full volumes and you will come to know that he Claims himself nothing other than a GHULAM of Prophet(P.B.U.H) and only thing Shieikh Sb is trying to do is to eliminate the sects in Islam and return to true Islam which many other scholars of time are also doing. Can anyone produce a single Line in which Skeikh sb has ever claimed prophethood?No you can’t because he is one of the greatest believers and lovers of HAZARAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAF (SALAY ALLLAH HO ALIHAY WASALM),and he has many lectures on Qadiyanis and has great disrespect and hatred for Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(MAY ALLAH’s CURSE BE UPON HIM) and all other liars who have claimed prophet hood. But may point is not clarifying what is being done (FITNA) on internet because people have not even Forgiven ALLAH nor they have forgiven prophets nor they have forgiven Ulama. Who ever is running these web-sites like yanbi and all other please tell me who are your teachers and that’s what they have tought .If you are on truth give me their names, I will tell you what people say about them. Give me the names of your teachers. Please all Muslim brothers and sisters for God Sake avoid this, concentrate on basics your Namaz,Zakat,Roza,Hajj,Tauheed. Please don’t try to portray yourself as Alamis(including me) as it is TAKABAR and all of us know that TAKABAR belongs only to ALLAH and all of us will be killed and destroyed upon committing such a huge sin. Please come out of this and stick to basics i.e NAMAZ ,ROZA.HAJJ ZAKAT TAUHEED.
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