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  1. Can anyone please tell the tareeqa of tooba referring Hadiths and specially from ALHAZRAT ????????????????????? please do reply if anyone knows
  2. How many numbers of Silasil are currently working ? Can you please name each of them and their origin
  3. Islam mein aisi kon see baatain han jahan parents ki opinion koo na manna jaye ? I know Islam give lot of respect to parents but I want to know if there is any other reason to disobey your parents in Islam except shirk ? Please give me some support from HADITHS and research work of our Sunni Breli respected scholars
  4. Only ALLAH knows about the second to come, but Sheikh Nazim seems to be right because actions of the nature showing that some thing very shaky is going to come in near future.
  5. MASHALLAH glad to see him in Madani Qafilah
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