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► Syed Shah Aley Rasool Hasnain Miyan Barkaati Alias Nazmi Miyan.

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Hazrat Hasnain Miyan Nazmi was born on 6th of Ramadan, 1365 H /

4th of August, 1946 in a small town of Kasgunj, Distt. Etah, Uttar Pradesh (India). The Arabic letters of his name Syed Fadhlullah Qadri bear the year of his birth. His family name is Syed Muhammad Haider.






Nazmi Miyan is the son of great Wali and Jurist of his time, Syed Shah Aley Mustafa alias Syed Miyan (rahmatullahi alaih).



>>>Family Tree :


Syed Aley Rasool Hasnain Miyan Nazmi s/o Syed Aley Mustafa s/o Syed Aley Aba s/o Syed Husain Haider s/o Syed Muhammad Haider s/o Dildar Haider s/o Syed Muntajib Husain s/o Syed Nazim Ali s/o Syed Hayatunnabi Tatu Miyan s/oSyed Husain s/o Syed Abul Qasim.


Nazmi Miya Sahab is married to Syeda Amena Sultan, from the family of Ghaus-e-Azam in 1973. who has given him three sons, First Son Syed Sibtain Haider, Second Son Syed Safi Haider, Third Son Syed Zulfiqar Haider.






Hasnain Miyan Nazmi Sahab received his early education in the traditional Maktab of the Dargah. He learnt the Holy Quran from Hafiz Kalloo of Marehra and basic Persian from his uncle Syed Mustafa Haider Hasan Miyan. His father Syedul Ulema brought him to Bombay where he received his primary education in Hashmiya High School.




He was brought back to Marehra in 1958 and got admission in the M.G.H.M. Inter College, Marehra where he completed his intermediate and left for Delhi to take up higher studies in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.




Nazmi Miya Sahab graduated from the National Islamic University of Delhi, the Jamia Millia Islamia with English literature and Islamic Studies as his main subjects of studies., Nazmi Miya Sahab appeared in the Union Public Service Commission exam for Indian Information Service (IIS) an allied service of the Union Government.





As an author Nazmi Miya Sahab has got a remarkable record. Nazmi Miya Sahab penned over 36 books in English, Urdu and Hindi covering different branches of Islamic Studies. Nazmi Miya Sahab earned a name in writing poems in praise of the Holy Prophet and other great seers. Nazmi Miya Sahab has published several compilations of his poems. The most remarkable contribution of Nazmi Miya Sahab’s pen is the Hindi translation of the Holy Quran.





Nazmi Miya Sahab has also written an encyclopedic dictionary of the Glorious Quran covering first 2 ½ chapters of the Holy Book. This commentary in English entitled Nazm-e-Ilahi has been included in the curriculum of several Madarsa in UK and Malavi.





Nazmi Miya Sahab has also written a handbook entitled ‘Islam the Religion Ultimate’. Besides, his books ‘Destination Paradise’, ‘Gateway to Heaven’, ‘The Great Beyond’ ‘The Way to Be’ are in regular circulation among Sunni circles.





Nazmi Miya Sahab’s Urdu book ‘Kya Aap Jante Hain’ is a wonderful book on Islamic knowledge and is included in the syllabus of many Islamic Madarsas all over India. The Hindi translation of the book is also available in the market.





Nazmi Miya Sahab, like his father, is the Sajjadah-Nasheen and Mutawalli of the Dargah Syed Shah Barkatullah rahmatullahi alaih in Marehra. Nazmi Miya Sahab is a multi-lingual man with a close access to Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Marathi languages.


>>>Books written by him :



1. Kalamur Rahman–Hindi Translation of Kanzul Iman Khazainul Irfan.


2. Mustafa Jaan-e-Rahmat – Brief biography of the Holy Prophet.


3. Shan-e-Naa’t-e-Mustafa


4. Mada-ih-e-Mustafa (Collection of Naa’t)


5. Asrar-e-Khandan-e-Mustafa –Translation of a Persian Manuscript.


6. Tanvir-e-Mustafa – Naa’t Collection.


7. Irfan-e-Mustafa – Naa’t Collection.


8. Nawazish-e-Mustafa – Naa’t Collection.


9. Mustafa se Aley Mustafa Tak.


10. Mustafa Se Mustafa Raza Tak.


11. Mustafa Se Mustafa Haider Hasan Tak.


12. Qurani Namaz v/s Microphony Namaz.(Urdu)


13. Qurani Namaz v/s Microphony Namaz (Hindi).


14. The Great Beyond.


15. Nazm-e-Ilahi (English Commentary on Surah Baqarah)


16. Gustakhi Maa’f (Essays in Hindi)


17. Ghar Aangan Milad (Short)


18. Ghar Aangan Milad.


19. Zibh-e-Azeem.


20. The Way To Be.


21. Kya Aap Jaante Hain.


22. Islam The Religion Ultimate.


23. Destination Paradise.


24. Gateway to Heaven.


25. In Defence of A’alahazrat.


26. Fadhl-e-Rabbi (travelogue in Urdu)


27. Fadhl-e-Rabbi (travelogue in Hindi)


28. In Defence of Sab’e Sanabil.


29. Qaseeda Burdah (Explanation in Urdu, English and Hindi)


30. Kitabus Salat (English)


31. Nai Roshni (Hindi Translation)


32. Ba’d Az Khuda. (Naa’t Collection)


33. Kya Aap Jaante Hain (Hindi)


34. Chhote Miyan.


35. Umar Qaid (Urdu Translation of Gujarati Classic)


36. Aag Gaadi (Urdu Translation of Gujarati Classic)


37. Lulu (Social Novel)


38. Tihattar Mein Ek (Hindi Translation)



>>>As a Poet :


Nazmi Miya Sahab is known as the Hassanul Hind of India. He is also known as the reflection of Raza’s Poetry. Nazmi Miya Sahab earned a name in writing poems in praise of the Holy Prophet and other great seers. Nazmi Miya Sahabhas published several compilations of his poems.




In 1985 he performed his first Hajj along with his mother and mother-in-law. On his return, he compiled a collection of his Naa’ts, poems in praise of the Holy Prophet. The collection was entitled “Madaeh-e-Mustafa”.




Nazmi Miya Sahab is a versatile poet both in Urdu and Hindi. Also he has written a Sanskrit Naa’t in praise of the Holy Prophet. The first line of the Naa’t goes like this:



“Koti Koti Pranam Nat Mastak Sakal Praja Janam.”





Here is an English Naa’t composed by Nazmi Miya Sahab:


Call Me to Taibah


• O My Master, Call Me to Taibah

• Soil of Madina Will Surely Cure My Ailments,

• Fire of Separation Burns Me All the Time,

• Be Sacrificed At your Sacred & Pious Feet,

• Yearning to Behold Your Bright Green Dome,


• I’m in Disaster, Call Me to Taibah

• Swifter and Faster, Call Me to Taibah

• I Can’t Live Hereafter, Call Me to Taibah

• My Mother & Father, Call Me to Taibah

• Nazmi Miya Sahab Your Admirer, Call Me to Taibah

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