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Manners Of Talking

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1. Make conversation smilingly and politely.
2. With the intention of pleasing Muslims, talk respectfully with the elders and kindly with the youngsters in addition to earning reward, you will hold a respectful status before them
3. Conversing loudly as if you are shouting, as frank friends do with each other these days, is not a Sunnah.
4. With good intentions, make it your habit to talk politely even with a newborn baby. Your manners will improve and the child will also learn good manners.
5. During conversation, one should not do anything disgusting such as touching the private parts, removing dirt from the body with fingers, touching the nose or putting Anchorfingers into the ears and the nose or repeatedly spitting etc. People are disgusted by such acts.
6. Calmly continue listening as long as the other person is speaking. Interrupting someone’s conversation is not a Sunnah.
7. Do not laugh while talking. The Holy Prophet never laughed.
8. Excessive talking and frequent laughing affect one’s prestige.
9. The Beloved and Blessed Prophet said, ‘When you see someone blessed with disinterest in the world and (the attribute of) speaking less, adopt his nearness and company, as Ḥikmaḥ (wisdom) is given to him.
10. A blessed Hadis says, ‘The one remaining silent received salvation.
’ Mira-tul-Manajih states: Hujja-tul-Islam Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad Ghazāli states, ‘There are four kinds of conversations: (1) completely harmful, (2) completely beneficial, (3) either beneficial or harmful, (4) neither harmful nor beneficial. It is necessary to abstain from the completely harmful; do speak if the conversation is completely beneficial. If the conversation falls in the third category then be cautious. It is however, better to abstain from it; one should not waste time in this type of conversation. It is difficult to differentiate between the four types, so remaining silent is better.’
11. There should be a genuine purpose of the conversation. Always talk to people according to their level of wisdom and awareness.
12. Avoid foul and indecent talks. Refrain from vulgarism. Remember! Swearing at a Muslim without any Shar’ee permission is absolutely Harām, and Heaven is Haram on the one engaged in indecent
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