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Name of Majesty: Zikr Ism Zaati.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

         ''Say: Allah!

           Then leave them to their plunging and their playing.'' (6:91)

In the Mufeed ar-Rawi of Sheikh Sidi Mustafa Ma;al-Aynayn, from Ibn Jarir in his commentary on the Holy Qur'an there is:  ''....he would say, wanting the murid to confine himself to invocation of the Single Name during his travelling the Way,  'It occurs in tradition that when the worshipper says ''Allah'', there arises from within him a shaft of light, which spreads out on the horizons, then rises to the height of the Throne, filling the cosmos completely so that Allah says to it, ''Stop''!  It says, ''By Your Glory and Majesty! I will not stop until You forgive the one who called on this Name.''  Then He replies, ''By My Glory and Majesty, I vowed to Myself before I created the world- I only set it moving on the tongue of My Slave because I have already forgiven him.''

Allahu Akbar!  Allahu Akbar!!  La-ilaha illallahu,  Wa-Lillahil Hamd......  ALLAH!!


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