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21 Day Ramdan Shareef The Day of Hazrat Ali radiAllahu anho


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Assalamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu


ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam


21 Day Ramdan Shareef The Day of Hazrat Ali radiAllahu anho



Please Recite the Darood Shareef


Make Fateh at home


Give Isale Sawab


jazak ALLAH khair


please request to u all kindly Do Contribute in this thread...


may ALLAH azawajal reward u ameen


inshaALLAH i will read 5 yaseen Shareef..


please do contribute every one


We should all learn from the blessed Sahaba like Hazrat Ali Al Murtuza radiAllahu anho



A great lesson that can be taken learnt from The Father of the Beloved Hassan and Hussain radiAllahu anho


Hazrath Ali radiAllahu anho, the "Gate of Knowledge and Lion of Allah." knocked an enemy soldier, to the ground during the Battle of the Trench. He raised his sword to kill the unbeliever who spat on the blessed face of Hazrath Ali radiAllahu anho at that moment. Hazrath Ali radiAllahu anho at once stood still and refrained from killing his enemy. Hardly able to believe his own eyes,

the unbeliever asked: "Why have you spared me?"



He replied, " that just a few moments ago, I was on the point of slaying you, but when you spat in my face, my selfish anger was aroused against you. If I had killed you, I would have killed you not for God's sake but for my own selfish reason. When you spat in my face, anger threatened to overwhelm me, so instead of striking you with the sword for my own sake I struck my passion for the sake of Allah, Exalted is He. There you have the reason for your escape."



The unbeliever realized the worth and value of being Muslim and he felt the light of Islam descending into his heart. A tear streamed down from his eyes when he realized that in the space of a few seconds he was being saved from dying as an unbeliever - saved from being an unbeliever at all - and was becoming a Muslim. The behavior of Hazrath Ali radiAllahu anho changed the condition of his heart.

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Somebody once came and asked hazrat Ali (RadiAllau Ta'al anhu) to name him every living creature that gives birth to creatures and all the creatures that lay eggs...


Hazrat Ali (RadiAllahu ta'ala anhu) went silent for a short while.....then they replied:




SubhanAllah azzawajal....and thats a fact as well....so when you look around the whole world you'll see that humans, monkeys, lions, cats dogs etc...and everything that has it's ears showing gives birth to creatures...


AND everything that has it's ears hidden example snakes, fish, chickens etc....thay all ley eggs!


SUBHANALLAH azzawajal....The Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam said:


"I am the city of knowlegde and Ali (RadiAllahu Ta'ala anhu) is the gate"


SubhanAllahi azzawajal...if this is how much knowlegde the gate of the city has then imagine the amount of Knowlegde the actual city contains!!!


Aap ko Khuda nay dee Arsh-o-farsh ki kunjee

Faiza sab ko miltha hay Aap kay isharay say


(Azzawajala wa Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

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