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  1. Can I get the qasas ul anbiya book in English or Hindi ...my Urdu is little weak...there are many sites having this book but all are ahle hadith sites...any sunni site reference for detailed waaqiyat of the anbiya...or any such articles or book available on the internet of the stories of the prophets alaihimussalam
  2. assalam u alaikum alahazrat aur radde bida'at par post chahiye english me hawalo ke saat plz jazak Allah khair
  3. assalam u alaikum one brother has sum objections on hadhir nadhir aqeeda and in reference he gave me this ayat [qasas 28:44] And you (O dear Prophet Mohammed-peace and blessings be upon him) were not on the western side of the Mount when We sent the command of Prophethood to Moosa, and u were not present.(yet you narrate the account very clearly to the Jews and Christians)
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