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  1. As'Salam O Alaikum, Dear brother in Islam bhai Shahzad and Yasir, Food for thoughts The only thing I can offer to you being Muslim is that, come and unite, after all insha ALLAH jab Mehdi will appear to unite Muslims and fight against false people (Kafirs), those muslims will be we all whether we are deobandi, barelvi or anything. Yours and their (deobandi/etc) hatdred is not going to stop Mehdi to perform the duties set forth by Allah Subhana O Ta'Ala. Bhai Shahzad, as you wrote; , have you got some measurement tool to find out the level of my emaan on Allah Subhana O Ta
  2. As'Salam O Alaikum, Dear brother Muhammad Asif Attari and others, Just for one time, from your heart, think once, are not you following your Ulema's? Because you think that they are right, dont you? So, what if a deobandi follows their Aalim and do not listen to any others? There is no difference between you and them. The differences among the barelvis and deobandis were not there just 50 years ago, they have got to this extent just because of blaming each other, and spreading hatred (from both sides). Seems like you are Ma Sha Allah Aalim, you must have heard following hadith;
  3. As'Salam O Alaikum, Allah Subhana O Ta'ala said in The Quran (8:5) "Even as your Lord caused you to go forth from your house with the truth, though a party of the believers were surely averse;" To the respectful brother in Islam the poster of this nonsense bhai Mohammed Asif Attari! Help yourself! You can promote _more_ hatred by going yourself to some Darul-Ifta of Deobandi Malsak and present this foolish discovery, get the fatwa, and post here the result. I used to pray in Deobandi or Barelvi or any mosque that found comfrotable for offering prayers, but I do not have enough time
  4. As'Salam O Alaikum bhai Mohammad Asif Attari! Ma Sha Allah, kia naam hay aap ka Muhammed, let me tell you that our prophet's name is also Hazrat Muhammed . The quality of our prophet hazrat Muhammed was that even if someone throw trash over him he used to return favor to them. Regarding your post, what a temendous thing you have discovered, trust me I am feeling very proud over the non-sense that you have brought to the public, my one cent to you On the judgement day insha Allah we will meet and I will see how much jaza-e-(bad or khair) you have earned to bring the hatred to mu
  5. Bhai SmartGuyCool As'Salam O Alaikum, Koi bhi tableeghi/deobandi aap k is post ko radd nahin karay gaa I am 100% sure, because the material that is presented here is solid and true. But if you ask any Deobandi/Tableeghi Aalim personally they will _justify_ it to their believes, very same way to Barelvis who will never accept that Niaz is not a Sunnah and it is biddat. Will you (or any one who is from Barelvi School of thought) ever appose being Barelvi that Jashn-e-Eid Milad Un Nabi is not a Biddat? I know, no one from you will never accept that Jashn-e-Eid Milad Un Nabbi is na-jaiz an
  6. I am very much thankful to Allah Subhana O Ta'Ala that I have started prayers and applied Sunnah in my daily life due to the Barkat of Dawah. AlhamdOlilah -e- Rabil Alamin. Personaly I would like to thanks to both Barelvi and Deobandi hazrat, because I have had my first aitekaaf in Barelvi Masjid and my small dawah efforts in Tableegi. May Allah bless both school of thoughts, Jaza'ka Allah, And keep all of us bonded with Deen without any hatred and stereotypism Ameen! I would like also like to thanks Tableeghis and Dawat-e-Islami and all of those who are spreading message of Allah for help
  7. Mohteram bhai Shahzad As'Salam O Alaikum, Aap, bhi unhi logo mein shamil hein, jo sirf aur sirf nafrat karna jantay hein aur sirf apnay aap ko aur apni jamat ko ehl-e-haq samajhtay hein. You are not more than stereotype!! trust me. Aap jesa hi nazria bohat saray Barelvi Hazrat, Tableeghi Hazrat, Ehl-e-Hadis hazrat waghaira ka hay. Aap mein aur un mein sirf naam ka farq hay. Jabkay mera yaqeen hay kay Allah ka banday har jamat mein mojoood hein, jo pooray ikhlas k saath dawat k kaam mein jesa k Tableeghi Jamat aur Dawat-e-Islami mein lagay howe hein, jin k paas aap aur mere jesay lo
  8. As'Salam O Alaikum to all brother in Islam! Its shame for Wife of Moulana Tariq Jamil Sahab, either if she went their for her own facial or her sister-in-law's facial. But it is not a shame for Moulana Tariq Jamil Sahab in any case. I can understand that the reason behind this post was anger & jealousy from the popularity of Mohtaram Moulana Tariq Jameel Sahab, but the poster has forgotten that the popularity is govern by Allah not by human. Mohtaram Barelvi Bahioon, Moulana Tariq Jamil Sahab ya Tableeghi Jammat per emaan lana zaroori nahin, na hi in k baray mein aap se Qabar m
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