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  1. As salaam o Alaikum I know aap logo ko jyadatar Books Radd e Deobandiyat ke taluq se Pata Hain, Phir bhi maine ye topic start kiya shayad kabhie koi is link se faida utha le. Radd e Deobandiyat Link 1 - 64 Documents Link 2 - 999 Documents Link 3 - 998 Documents - - - Others Sunni Books Link 1 - 999 Documents Link 2 - 999 Documents - - - - - - Darse Nizami Books - - -
  2. As salaam o Alaikum Bhai Day 2 aur Day 3 ka Part 3 tak munazra upload ho gaya hain, Moderators se request hain ki Post no 16, 17, 18 aur 19 Post no 7 Ke baad kar dijiye JajakAllah
  3. Al Istimdad & Al Takmeel book was printed in Nov 2010, from Mumbai Scans is now uploaded and available to all. The scanned pdf file is larger than the permitted attachment size. You can download the same from this link:- www.ahlesunnat.biz/al-istimdad.pdf (low resolution 16.6 mb) www.ahlesunnat.biz/al-istimdad-hr.pdf (high resolution 43mb).
  4. Taken from Shaykh Monawwar's Facebook... Mawlid season arrives with glad tidings from the Noble Quran! Here I have compiled verses speaking of the arrival of our Blessed Habib (upon him peace and blessings) in this world. Ready to share this on your page and help me make this amazing message go wide? Spread the Quranic verses far and wide this Rabi al-Awwal and spare no room for arguments. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim 1. verse 128 of chapter 9 لَقَد جاءَكُم رَسولٌ مِن أَنفُسِكُم عَزيزٌ عَلَيهِ ما عَنِتُّم حَريصٌ عَلَيكُم بِالمُؤمِنينَ رَءوفٌ رَحيمٌ "A Messenger from your
  5. Sorry brother, heard few months back that pak govt banned youtube and still its ban didn't know. is vimeo working fine in pak ? Every part is 100 minutes so it will take time to upload in vimeo, i will look other option. Names ares ITARSI MUNAZRA DAY 1 - PART 1 ITARSI MUNAZRA DAY 1 - PART 2 --- so on Don't worry its religious and inshAllah you will learn a lot.
  6. As Salaam o Alaikum Munazara Between Aulema e Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa'h And Aulema e Deoband In India 3 Days 10/11/12 - February 2008 Time 9:00 Am to 1:00Pm and 3:00 Pm to 5:00 Pm Haji Mohalla Town - Itarsi District - Hoshangabad State - Madhya Pradesh Country - India Aulema e Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa'h Mufti Mujeeb Ashraf Sahab - Nagpur - Sadar e Munazra Mufti Mati Ur Rehman Sahab - Kishangarh Bihar - Munazir Maulana Abdul Sattar Hamdani Sahab - Porbandar Gujrat Mufti Abdul Mannan Kaleemi - Moradabad UP Mufti Sageer Ahmed Sahab Jokhanpuri - Jokhanpur Aulema e Deoban
  7. Aapko Niche Di Gayi Link Mein Maloomat Mil Jayegi, Agar Kuch Aur Janna Hain To Pls Puchiye Aapka Sawaal Aage Forward Kar Diya Jayega.
  8. Sufi Spiritual Leader of Naqshbandi and Shazali Assassinated in Daghestan By Wahhabis / Salafi / Ahle Hadith / Khawarjis Dogs of Hell - 28-Aug-2012 As Daghestan's Sufis buried their spiritual leader on August 28, the sea of almost entirely male faces seemed to stretch to the horizon around his grave in the small town of Chirkeisk. Observers put the number of mourners at more than 100,000 -- an almost unheard of crowd for a public figure in this small North Caucasus republic. But Said Efendi Chirkeisky, born 74 years ago as Said Atsayev, was no ordinary mortal to his followers. He w
  9. http://allafrica.com...1208271088.html Egypt: Nation Condemns Attacks On Sufi Shrines in Libya The Egyptian Darul-Iftaa vehemently condemned attacks on the tomb of 15th-century scholar Abdel Salam al-Asmar and a historic Masjid in the Libyan city of Zlitan, about 160km (100 miles) south-east of Tripoli. Ultra-conservative Islamists wrecked the Sufi shrine with bombs and a bulldozer and set fire to al-Shaab al-Dahmani Masjid in Zlitan early on Friday24/8/2012. In a statement Sunday27/8/2012, Darul-Iftaa said such acts were "criminal and ignorant" and against the teachings of Isl
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