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  2. Assalamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam Dear sisters, do you want to look more beautiful? If so, then try the following remedy 1) Let GHADUL BASHAR (lowering gaze) be "eye shadow" to your eyes ... Insha'Allah it will be pure and calm 2) Put on "lipstick" IKHLAS (sincerity) on your lips ... Insha'Allah Azawajal it will look sweeter 3) Use "blushes" on your cheek that is made of RIJA & KHAUF (hope and fear) shyness and mode style based on Iman 4) Wash your face with ISTIGHFAR (repentance) "soap" to cleanse away all sins and mistakes that you have done 5) Treat your hair not with hair sprays nor gels but with JILBAB ISLAMI (Islamic hijab) ... Insha'Allah it will guard you from the evil gaze of Man 6) Beautify your finger with UKHUWAH (sisterhood) ring 7) The best chain is the chain of purity 8 ) Powder your face with WUDU ... Insha'Allah Azawajal it will be shining in the Hereafter
  3. http://www.dawateislami.net/media/detail.aspx?clpid=clp-106
  4. ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam Rajab-ul-Murajjab (Noorani Paha'ar) http://radio.faizaneattar.net/Speeches/Audio/Audio/b80.ram Mehfil-e-Mairaj Shareef 1424 Hijri http://radio.faizaneattar.net/Speeches/Audio/b84.rm Tazeeme Rajab Ka Sawaab http://radio.faizaneattar.net/Speeches/Audio/b253.rm Waqiah Mairaj-un-Nabi (Salal lahu alahi wasalam) http://radio.faizaneattar.net/Speeches/Hafiz_Speeches/b04.rm Momeen Kee Mairaj Aor Waqiah Mairaj http://radio.faizaneattar.net/Speeches/Hafiz_Speeches/b11.rm
  5. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam When Rasoolullah received the first revelation, he was overcome with natural anxiety because it was the first time that He experienced something of that nature and it was the first time that He met an angel. During this Difficult stage it was His wife Hazrat Khadeeja Radi Ala,Ta'ala Anha who provided the comfort and courage He needed. Similarly, when Rasulullah was leaving this world, who was their too comfort Him? Although thousands of Sahabah were present in Madinah. Hazrat Aa'isha Radi Ala,Ta'ala Anha was present with Him If you inculcate these qualities in your life, you will also become the light of your husbands eyes and the most precious thing in the world for him. You will be the Queen of your home, enjoy true love and respect and be his companion in public and in private. In Islam, the standard by which a good wife is judged is not her university degrees or college diplomas, all of which really do not matter to the husband. The most truthful Prophet Muhammed has mentioned: "If I were to command anyone to prostrate to another human, I would have certainly commanded a wife to prostrate to her husband." Dear brides to be or wives!! Regard the dry bread he gives you to be a delicious meal from Jannah and imagine the old clothes to be finery and jewellery. Turn a deaf ear to his scolding and imagine that the insults from your mother and sister-in-law are the kind words of your mother. Keep smiling through every difficulties.Pass your life with tolerance and contentment. This will demonstrate that even in this fourteenth century after Hijrah women can be born who will not disgrace the names of their forebears, who were thetrue slaves of Allah Azwajal and who would sacrifice themselves at the mere gestures of Hazrat Khadeeja and Hazrat A'aisha It will be seen that obedience to Allah Azwajal, fear for Allah Azwajal can be rolled into one person together with obedience to the husband. We make Du'a to Allah Azwajal to allow us all the ability to practice what we will read in the ensuing narratives and the ability to do whatever pleases Him. Allah Azwajal make every Muslim wife the most precious thing in the world to her Husband and may He make every Muslim Husband the best of people who behaves excellently towards his wife. Aameen, ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lead a life of contentment. Be content even with simple food. The dry bread and water that have been eaten with contentment is better than a sumptuous meal that have been eaten after your persistent complaints forced him to grudgingly provide it for you. Always listen attentively to what your husband says. Give importance to what your husband says and do as he says. In this manner, you will soon win a place in his heart because it is not really a person who is beloved, but what the person does that is most loved. Tend your beauty carefully so that whenever he will look at you he will be pleased with his choice. Within the limits of decency use as much fragrance as possible, and remember that no part of your body or dress should repulse him. To be always attractive to him, put surma or kajal to your eyes, for beautiful eyes make a person's whole being neautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Bath and do ablution regularly, as this is the best perfume and the best way to cleanliness. Prepare his meals before it is time as hunger becomes a flame if not satisfied. During the hours of rest, keep it quiet and peaceful as disturbed sleep makes a man morose and angry. Protect his hime and his treasure: Let no one enter his house without his permission and do not waste his treasure by indulging in exhibition, for treasure can only be tended through good management and the family, only though good sense. Never disobey him and always kep his secrets, for disobeying such an honourable man would put feul to fire and revealing his secrets would destroy his trust in you. And you yourself will not be safe from his (retaliatory) double standards. Someone has rightly said, "To be trusted is better than to be loved." If he is grieved over something then do not mention to him anything that has pleased you. Share his grief. When he is happy, do not disclose your hidden grief and do not complain to your husband. For any of his behavior. Be happy with him. Otherwise your will be regarded as one who confuses him. If you wish to be respected in his eyes then honour and respect him and act according to his wish. Then at every stage of your life you will find him to be your best companion. Sweet sisters sweet smelling flowers will not blossom in your life as long as you do not suppress your wish for his pleasure. Many times and the longings that arise in your heart to let his word reign supreme. May Your life be filled with good and preserve you from evil, Ameen.
  6. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam "There, the (only) protection comes from God, the True One. He is the Best to reward, and the Best to give success." [surah al-Kahf; 18: 44] There is a wonderful quote from Quaidi Azam, "I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it." I love that! If you want success, sooner or later you have to take action and go for it! Too often we try to schedule success. We try to plan it for after we buy a home or get a raise or for that proverbial "someday". Well, life doesn't work that way. The truth is that every day is the perfect day to do the right thing, to pursue your dreams, to take action, to begin. The question is, "How?" I'm often asked about the details of where to begin and how to take action. No responsible adult wants to make an abrupt and poorly thought-out decision. Here are my Top 10 steps for creating the life you truly want: 1. Start by clarifying the dream. Dream it big, dream it often, and always in living color! Imagine the problems, the benefits, the skills you'll need and the people you'll meet along the way. Dream often and dream the details. 2. Create a plan. What will your dream cost? How will it work? How long will it take? Who will help you get there? How will you solve the challenges, over-come the obstacles, and become the person you'll need to become to reach your goal? 3. Reach out. We live in an amazing time. You can write, phone, fax or email just about anyone on earth! Consult with experts. Talk to people who have achieved whatever you want to achieve. Truly successful people are usually delighted to show others the way. Make the calls. 4. Tell others. There is no substitute for talking about your dreams. Saying the words makes them powerful. Talk about where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you will become. And as a benefit, you'll discover people who will help you along the way. 5. Take action! No matter what your dream, there is a step you can take today. If you are serious, there is someone you can call or write. There is a book you can read, or some action that will start you on the path. Steven Spielberg snuck into movie lots as a teenager, just to look around. What action will you take today? 6. Set Deadlines. Set Deadlines for each of your small/big, personal/official, long-term/short-term task AND always try to finish the task by that deadline. 7. Eliminate distractions. This is a tough one, and a favorite excuse of the "almost successful". Successful people eliminate the distractions of life. Combine errands, delegate tasks, hire people to do the things you don't want to do. Simplify your life and never waste time. Turn off TV (and some time also computer). 8. Invest wisely. Successful people understand that their dreams will require an investment of time or money or energy and they are prepared to pay the price. Whatever your dream, it will require some risk, and some investment. Make the investment. 9. Create room for success. All of us are doing something every moment of every day, and making your dreams come true will require some adjustments. Whether it's adjusting your schedule, your finances, or your use of energy, you'll have to make room for success. 10. Have a mentor/coach. Whether you hire a professional coach or find a local expert, or a Cyber friend. Successful people have coaches. There are very few "self made" successes! We all need someone to believe in us, someone to encourage, challenge and applaud us. Develop a close, working relationship with a coach who can show you the way to your dreams! Success is no accident. Success is always the result of our best efforts. It's the result of investing time, energy, careful thought, and hard work. It's the result of taking action, getting started, making mistakes, learning from them and trying again. There is simply no better time to start than today.
  7. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam MashAllah a great thread Sister on why British women are Turning to Islam,Alhamdulillah Their are Many sisters Turning to Islam the worlds Fastest growing Religion (SubhanAllah azawajal!!) May Islam Keep on Spreading Ameen,JazakAllahkhairun for sharing This Informative thread.
  8. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam MashAllah good to hear your a Member Brother Please Give Naaki ki Dawaath to others to Both of the Forum Madani forum and This Forum Also. JazakAllahkhairun
  9. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam Telling the truth is a very good habit. If you always speak the truth, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble! Here is a story of a man who did a lot of bad things, but his promise to tell the truth saved him. Once a man came to the Prophet Sayyedina Muhammad Mustafa and said, "Oh prophet of Allah Azawajal wa , I have many bad habits. Which one of them should I give up first?" The prophet said, "Give up telling lies first and always speak the truth." The man promised to do so and went home. At night the man was about to go out to steal. Before setting out, he thought for a moment about the promise he made with the prophet . "If tomorrow the prophet asks me where have I been, what shall I say? Shall I say that I went out stealing? No, I cannot say that. But nor can I lie. If I tell the truth, everyone will start hating me and call me a thief. I would be punished for stealing." So the man decided not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit. Next day, he felt like drinking wine, when he was about to do so, he said to himself, "What shall I say to the prophet if he asks me what did I do during the day? I cannot tell a lie, and if I speak the truth people will hate me, because a Muslim is not allowed to drink wine." And so he gave up the idea of drinking wine. In this way, whenever the man thought of doing something bad, he remembered his promise to tell the truth at all times. One by one, he gave up all his bad habits and became a good Muslim and a very good person. If you always speak the truth, you can be a good person, a good Muslim whom Allah Azawajal likes and favors. If Allah Azawajal - our Creator - is pleased with us, He will reward us with HEAVEN, which is a place of happiness and joy. MAKE A PROMISE: I SHALL ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH INSHALLAH AZAWAJAL!!!
  10. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ASALATU WASALAMU ALAYKA YA RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam http://madani.16.forumer.com/
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