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All Praise is due to Almighty Allah, Master of the Day of Judgment, Choicest Peace and Salutations upon the Master of humanity, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), his family, Companions and all the Righteous Servants of Allah.

Dear Islamic Brothers and sisters!


Asslamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!


Hope you all are in best of your Eman and health and enjoyed the blessings of Ramadan al Mubarak and EID-ul-Fitr inshaALLAH!!


I am here to have Volunteers for for the Translations of Selected Books from Urdu/Arabic to English Language for Children. Unfortunately, We are laking of books in this field as Our children needs to be having literature respective to there age.


The Idea is to select the books that are not for Elders, Ulama or the Learned People... We need to work for our Children (3 years to 12 years old) for which we dont need any Advanced Fiqhi Masail Book or Quran Hadith Books etc. We will select Stories (Hikayat Boooks), Very Basic and Beginner level Knowledge of Islam and Shariah, Introduction to basic Islamic Ethics and attiquettes etc.


For this purpose, we dont really need highly learned Islamic Scholars as we wouldnt be working on Quran, Hadith, Fiqah or Aqaid Books etc. but there must be some learned people who could render the Urdu work into English language in a manner that is easily understandable to children.


For now, we have selected two books i.e.

A) Sacchi Hikayaat by Sultanul Waizeen Allama Abun Noor Bashir Qadri Kotalvi Alaihir RaHma

cool.gif Huzoor Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam ki Bachon Se Muhabbat by Allama Syed Shah Turabul Haq Qadri


Sacchi Hikayat have different Stories over different Subject covering Aqeeda wa Muamlaat of AhleSunnat wal Jama'at and Islamic Ethics etc.


Sarkar ki Bachon se Muhabbat have different narrations that describes the Love and Affection of Sarkar Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam towards the children so as the Affection and Love of Children towards Sarkar Kareem.


We will make two teams for two books. Work is going to be divided as Sachi Hikayat have 4 Volumes and each volume might have different topics and sections. There will be a team lead who will do the follow up to his/her co-workers and he will report the work at the end of every week.


We wouldnt be publishing the entire book at a time... the idea is to publish booklets not more then 50-60 pages covering 11-12 Stories or narrations with different names of Stories so that Children or the Parents may attract towards to the books for there children so as the children take those books as Stories.


I must clear that our target Areas are not Pakistna and India Subcontinent... We will be Distributing (Free) or Selling these books at 25% of the Original Cost in USA, Canada, UK, Holland, South Africa, Malawi, Mauritius, UAE and etc.


We have done almost work regarding the publication, finance, distribution, export etc... the only thing remaining is matter to publish. And these publications wouldnt be an ordinary sort of thing. We will make sure that we produce the best with accordance to the markets in Europe, America and Middle East.


We do have some professionals with us to have a check with the work going on so every booklet will be forwarded to them to check the mistakes and make the corrections.


One more important thing is... We wouldnt be disclosing the names of Translators. Only the name of Publishing Company that is Dar al Eman Publications most probably registered in UK, UAE or Pakistan inshaALLAH.


I hope I am going to get more replies as I am expecting.


Kaam wo Le li jiye... Tum ko jo Razi karay

Theek ho Naam-e-Raza... Tum pe Karrorron Durood


JazakALLAHu Khairah aHsanul Jaza Fid Daarain!


May Allah Ta'ala grant us the vision of the Beloved Habeeb Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and keep our hearts firm on his love and make us propapage the true message He brought to us and act upon his Sunnah and die upon the true religion of Islam. Aameen!


Waiting eagerly for your kind response


- Humble Servant of yours


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Note: If someone of you already have any book ready in English Language for Publishing then also let me know about it... Preference is for the Children but other books will also be considered inshaALLAH