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  1. I had not asked about Mukhtar shah naymee on "Dawate Islami". I want to know any comment from Currently akabir Ulma Ahle Sunnat like Irfan shah or Khadim Hussain or Asif Jalai about Mukhtar shah as He is supporter of Tahirul Quadri.
  2. Salam, @Mohammad Ali Sahab, I am agree with Mukhtar shah naimee view about Ameer e Ahle Sunnat. Issue with Tahirul Quadri, he is supporting and declared him as mujaddid . Tahirul quadri ne Gazi Mumtaz quadri sahab ko qatil kaha iske bad koi unko mujaddid kahe to uske bare me kya kahenge?? so many other issues with tahirul quadri are also you can find on Youtube. I am looking for any comments from our Shere Alla Hazrat like Asif Jalai sahab or irfan shah. etc about Mukhtar Shah Naimee.
  3. Any comment from Ahle sunnat scholors like Ashraf Jalalai sahab ,Irfan sah mashadi or other about Mukhtar shah naimee who supports Tahir ul Quadri. in Nafse Islam lot of speeches from him. JazakAllah Syed Aalim
  4. Salam, All websites and youtube videos related to learning Arabic is from wahabis(most of). Can any brother help me to get learning source for Arabic from Sunni scholors.
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