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A Tribute To Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadiri Al-Ghazi

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The first and foremost factor of Imān is respect for the RasūlAllah şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam. Salāh or any form of ‘ibādah is useless without reverence for the Beloved Rasūl şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam. There are many ‘Abd-Allah’s in this world, but the true and sincere ‘Abd-Allah is he, who is ‘Abd-e-Mustafa [servant of the Beloved Prophet şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam]. If it is not so, then he is surely an ‘Abd-e-Shaytan . May the Merciful Allah Almighty save us all from this curse... Ameen!! [al-Malfūdh Sharif, Page 86]






It is beyond doubt that the whole of the Ummah is unanimous that the one who slanders the Holy Prophet Muhammad śallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam or any of the other Prophets, is an infidel, whether he committed this act while considering it legitimate or illegitimate. He is an infidel in the opinion of the Ulema, and whoever doubts his infidelity is also an infidel. [Dhakhairat al-Uqba, Page 240]

It was very pleasing to know that an Aashiq-e-Rasool SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam named Malik MuHammad Mumtaz Hussain Qadiri have Killed the Insolent Salman Taseer who recently barked against the Balsphemy Laws and referred it to be the Law of Jungle and "Kaala Qanoon". The Brave Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadiri Killed the impudent Salman Taseer and said that He did it because Salman Taseer committed Disrespect towards Sayyiduna wa Mawlana RasoolAllah SallAllaho Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam.

This Humble Servant of Malik MuHammad Mumtaz Hussain Qadiri Salutes him and praises him from the Blessed and Holy Land of Madinah al-Munawwarah. Following are few couplets dedicated to the Brave Hero of the Muslim Ummah written in front of the Blessed Greem Dome (Gumbad al-Khadra Sharif) of the Beloved Prophet Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him:







Malik Mumtaz tu bayshak hay meri Qoum ka Ghazi Ae Meray Qadiri Dulha! Hain tujh se Mustafa Raazi Teri Gherat,Tera Jazba, Tera ye Josh-e-Imani Quloob-e-Mominaa(n) mein phir Jaga dega Khudi Saazi Har ek Mal'oon Shaatim ko Saza-e-Maut hay laazim Yahi hay Adl-e-Farooqi, yahi hay Maslak-e-Qazi Ye Batla do Har Ek Gustakh ko aur Uss ke Haami ko Malik Mumtaz hi Ik bass nahin, har Sunni hay Ghazi



Teri Soorat Teri Seerat mein Aisa Noor hay Chamka kay Roshan Aanay wala Kal tera, Naazaa(n) Tera Maazi Jo Tu ne kar dikhaya hay, Yaqeenan Aen-e-Imaa(n) hay Rahegi Daastan Teri Hamesha Zinda o Taazi Salam Ae Ghazi-e-Millat, Salam Ae Haadi-e-Ummat Khila di Dushman-e-Dee(n) ko Jahannum mein Qalabazi Parray Baktay rahain go ye Yazeed-e-Dor ke Pillay Alawi Rang hay Tera, Hussaini Teri Jaanbazi



166316_483567390333_672380333_6541055_3231723_n.jpg Zaleel-o-Khwar hein ye Iqtidar-o-Maal ke Bhookay Tu hay Mumtaz hum mein aur Hamari Qoum ka Ghazi Ya Noor al Aeni, Ya Makhdoomi, Ya Mumtaz al-Ghazi Habeebi Sayyidi Anta Fu'aadi Anta Ustaazi Aray Irfan Tu bass baatain karnay hi ka Aadi hay Haqeeqat mein wo Mard-e-Haqq, wo Ghazi le gaya Baazi Teri Azmat Teri Shokhat, Shuja'at per Salami ho Sada-e-Qalb-e-Irfa(n) hay, nahin ye koi Laffazi







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