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Did you ask yourself before, what Quran is? What is its importance in our life? What is the
reward that I will receive if I read and memorize it ? Should I recite it in
Arabic? Is learning Arabic reading hard or easy?



Let’s start to answer those questions.



What is the Noble Quran?

Quran is the Word of Allah in both wording and
meaning. Allah spoke it in a real sense and gave it to Jibril (peace be upon
him) the trustworthy, then Jibril brought it down to the heart of the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), so that he might be one of the
warners, in a plain Arabic tongue. 


“It is clear to us that Allah has described the Noble Quran in superlative terms. He has


described it as wise (hakeem), noble (kareem), great (‘azeem), and glorious
(majeed). These qualities, in terms of which Allah has described His Book, may
be attainable by one who adheres to this Book and acts upon it both inwardly
and outwardly. Allah will give him some share of glory, greatness, wisdom,
honour and authority that is not given to the one who does not adhere to the
Book of Allah, may He be glorified and exalted. Hence I call all Muslims,
rulers and ruled, scholars and ordinary folk, to adhere to the Book of Allah,
may He be glorified and exalted, both inwardly and outwardly, so that they may
attain honour, happiness and glory, and prevail in the east and in the west.
End quote. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)”. Fatawa Kibar
‘Ulama al-Ummah.



What is the importance of Quran in our life?

Allah has revealed Quran, to enlighten our path, to guide us to the
straight path, to take us from darkness to light , to guide us to the Oneness
of Allah (tawhid), to worship Him alone without partners. To live a good
and happy life, without doubts or confusions.






By learning Quran, you will know why you are here in this life, why you were
created, what is your destination after death and what to do from your birth
till your death.

Learn Quran to know about your creator, to know about His beautiful names and



Learn Quran, so that you can know how to worship Allah alone without no
partners, how to follow the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Learn Quran to know how to enter The Paradise (Jannah) and avoid The
Hell fire (Jahanam), by the mercy and will of Allah.



Learn Quran, so that you can know how to deal with your parents,
children, spouse, relatives, neighbors, friends, poor and needy people and
different sects of the society

Learn Quran to improve your characters and behavior.

Learn Quran to know how to be a good person and how to achieve success in this
life and in the Hereafter (Al-Akhirah).

This is, in brief, the importance of Quran in our life.



Now with our third question, what is the reward that I will receive when I


read The Noble Quran?



First of all, you will gain what I mentioned before, in the answer of
the question about the importance of Quran, you will know why you are here,
what to do and how to do.






In addition, you will gain a good deed by each letter you read, and the
single good deed is multiplied by ten. So for example when you read بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (bismiAllahi Arrahmane Arraheem), you are
reading  twenty Arabic letters, so you
will receive two hundreds good deeds. Then how can we stop reading Quran!

Quran will intercede in the day of judgment for his companions, for those who
read, learn and apply it in their lives.



Quran Teaching”

Also, if you read Quran in a proper way (tajweed), you will be in a rank
with the noble angels. Even if you don’t know how to read Quran properly, you
will receive double rewards for the difficulties that you face during



Besides, the best among Muslims are those who learn Quran and teach it to
others. So, take your decision and intend now that you will learn Quran and
then teach it to others to gain this great reward.



There are others virtues of learning and reading Quran. but I just
mentioned some of them.



Now let’s talk about the forth question, should I recite Quran in


As Allah, the almighty, has revealed Quran in Arabic language, so you must
recite it in Arabic. Also, some scholars mentioned that it is impermissible to
write Quran in non Arabic letters (transliteration).

However, it is permissible to read the translation of the meaning in your own
language to understand and apply Quran in your life.

Thus, for example, you should read بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم in Arabic letters, after that read the translation of the
meaning in your own language (In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the
Especially Merciful), By this way you can understand each verse till you learn

Now let’s talk to our last question in this topic, Is learning reading The
Arabic language hard or easy?



Let me tell you this fact, learning reading in Arabic language is very

Yes, as you just read, it is so easy.

Even non Arab children above six years can learn reading in Arabic language.
Although, they don’t understand what they read, they read it in an amazing way. “Online Quran Teaching”

Can you imagine six years old child learn this amazing language and read it

All you need is to enroll into an Arabic reading course either online or in your country, or watch tutorials by yourself on
the internet. But I prefer the first option, to have a tutor that can correct
your mistakes.





In addition, you have to be patient, don’t give up from the first mistake that
you do while reading. Instead, stay motivated and renew your intentions that
you learn this amazing language to read Quran and understand it.  “Online Arabic Teaching” 

Again, take it step by step and please be patient to achieve your goal.



" learn Quran"



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On 2/28/2020 at 12:26 AM, Afzalsheikh said:

We are offering the simplest method to help our understudies learning Quran. Blessed Quran should be perused with Tajweed which can be effectively learned with our dynamic strategies. Recitation and memorization, Qaida, and so forth are a portion of our essential courses. Learn Quran


Masha Allah, 


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Thank yo so much to all of you for sharing nice info.I would like to tell you my favourite Online Quran Academy is unique Quran academy.Their teachers are well educated and Quralified and very punctual.They also teach us how to learn Quran fast.They offer 3 days free trail class and the class timing at unique Quran academy is very flexible.You can opt your class timing according to your own schedule.

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