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  1. can anyone help me to publish quran pak in text / unicode formate on my wordpress website.
  2. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani He was born in the historic village of Al mad’ain , Gilan Iraq, and was also known as the ‘Muhiyuddin’ which means the reviver of Islam. Abdul Qadir Gilani is the reason behind millions of people who reverted to Islam and became Muslims.
  3. He is the source behind all the communication that directly comes from Allah. He delivered each & every ayah with love & His actions. On this third month of 12 rabi ul awal, we celebrate it by reciting Durood; to send our salaam & Allah’s blessings to Our Beloved Muhammad S.A.W.W. May peace be upon him.
  4. here is another website providing quran karim, alqurankarim.com
  5. surah al fatiha also calles surah shifa
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