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Praying to allah to get to marry a girl

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I wanna ask that can we ask allah to marry someone we love?. Im 17 years old, im depressed and have social anxiety from 2 years and i dont have any friends. I met a girl online 2 years ago when my depression started and i didnt have any friends. I still dont have anyone besides her. I know depression is not an excuse to talk to a girl but plz listen. We met and became great friends. We started to talk on social media and fell in love. I pray every night in tahujjud and ask allah to let me marry her and make a way so that we can marry. I just said " My wish is that i get to spend my life with u ", i didnt use any haraam words nor we ever used them. We both are religious. I used to do haram things and watch bad stuff... I guess u know what im talking about. The one that makes ghusal obligatory after u do it. Yeah. So i used to do it but alhamdulilah i repented and now i pray 6 times a day ( tahujjud included)  and i read quran after each prayer every single day. I have almost read half of it. I also do a lot of dhikr, allahu akabr, subhan allah, allahuma aghfirli, etc after each prayer. I usually recite each 100,200 times. My question is that can we marry each other if we pray to allah :(, i cant leave her, i know its not allowed to talk like that but i ask forgiveness for her and myself from allah everyday. I just wanna marry her which is totally allowed in islam. Our Prophet ( PBUH)  said ' The best thing for two who love each other is marriage".  Will i be able to marry her if i pray to allah :( its my wish. I never wanted anything so bad :( i can wait 10,20,30 years for her, as much as it takes. Plz answer my question. Her father is really strict :( she cant tell him that she wanna marry me. We live in different cities but it only takes 4,5 hours to travel to her city. My parents wont say anything i know, they arent strict. So can anyone plz answer? That will i be able to marry her if i pray to allah :( Allah is our only hope and soure right now. Jazak Allah. 

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As salam alaikum

My brothers keep yourself strong and do not go near to anything that might lead you towards haram . Often we do things thinking it is small but it leads us to something which is very dangerous and huge sin . 

Once we repent from Allah we must not repeat the same mistakes over and over again , so kindly remember this and stay away from what mistakes we did in past in sha Allah it will be good in future .

Also for marriage please consider what kind of mother / father you would want for your kids specially a mother is the one who will raise the kids if one is not a good muslim humble human they will not be able to teach the children good .  so do think about it before making decision about marriage . 

If you think that any girl is a good muslimah faithful strong character good human being then go ahead ask your parents to talk to her father and marry her instead of wasting your time and going near the sin . 

Was salam


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