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Aadaab e Madinah Shareef


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(azw)(sa) , (azw)(sa) , (azw)(sa)


Buhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat he piyari Sharing hai............. (azw)(ma)


Allah (azw) hamain Meethay Aaqa (saw) k Madinah Shareef ki Baadab Hazri Naseeb farmaye......Aameeeeeeeeen Bijahin nabi yel ameen (saw)


Huzoor (saw) aisa koi intizam ho jaye

salam k liye hazri Gulam ho jaye


Afsos buhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat dur hun Gulzar e Nabi (saw) say

kash aaye Bulawa mujhe Darbar e Nabi (saw) say


Jazakillahu khaira 4 Sharing this Beautiful & precious Booklet of Ameer e Ahlesunnat (m-a)


was'salam ma'alikram

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subhan_allah.gif muje ye book dobara parhne ki zarurat pesh i.....to me ne socha k ye book waqaeeeee baar baar parhne wali buk he.....baar baar parhne k laiq.....yaqeeenan.....

me ne socha k is book ko dobara uper ki posts me laany ki niyyat se is me post kr dun.... :) :)

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