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First of all, sorry for being out of the picture all these days... its Ramadan ... I said it all.


I dont have time to explain things in detail but I want ACTUAL REFERENCES for Dr. Tahir's comments over Aurat ki Diyyat.


Anything, scan/audio but the real one. Not from the books or speeches made in refutation to him. Please consider it IMPORTANT!


I read in Waqar-ul-Fatawa that Dr. Tahir's comments over this issue has been published in many newspapers, namely Naway-e-Waqt. If anybody got a scan or anything like it please respond asap!


I seriously need my brothers to respond to this at their earliest, I'll tell the detail laters.. no time for this now...

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itni munafiqana policy hay dr. tahir ul ......... ki. ke pehle apne apko hanafi muqalid keh keh kar nahi thakta phir dosri bar main imam e aazam ki or aima e karam ki tareefain or teesri bar main kehta hay ke hadees se aurat ki diyyat full sabit hay yani imam e aazam or sahaba e karam tak ko woh hadees nazar nahi aayi isko mili. phir aurat ki nisf diyyat ko sarkar (saw) ki aamad se qabal kuffar ki jahalat dor se mila dya k kuffar aisa karte the quran ne aakar diyyat ka farq khatam kya. (muaz Allah) ye bat kahan tak jati hay. goya sahaba e karam ka iss bat par ijma k aurat ki diyyat nisf hay kuffar ki jahalat matlab nikalta hay. pehle tu sahaba aayen ge phir baad main baqi ko is jahalat main shumar karain ge. muaz Allah.



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