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Cats In Islam

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salaamoalaikum wa rahmatullah


dear all i want to know k kiya niche diya gaya paragraph sahih he (JIS ME MUTADID AHADEES DI GAI HEN)?if yes kiya koi ye aur dosri ahadees mubarak Cats k baare,aur dosre Haiwanaat k baare me mujhe urdu me post ker skta he?kiya is terhan ki koi kitaab urdu ya english me mil skti he?



Niz kiya ye Hadis Mubarak sahih he k LOVE OF CATS IS A PART OF FAITH ??



There are also records of institutions, dispensaries and trusts built to protect animals; among which were cat houses. One can say that not only did the West bring science, art and goods from the East, they also brought cats from all over the early Islamic lands where cats were thriving. For example, in the UK the true wild cat species existed only in Scotland and Ireland but there are now millions of cats living in UK. It seems impossible to squeeze this subject in a short essay; therefore it is better to look into the source: Where did this love and understanding towards cats come from? In the Islamic world, the cat was respected and protected because cats were loved by the Prophet Mohammed. From a very simple piece of advice to his actions, there are numerous reports concerning the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahoalaihi wasallam and cats, resulting in their subsequent acceptance among Muslims.


Prophet Mohammed Sallallaho alaihiwasallam advised the people to treat their cats (pets) as a member of their family, and by this he meant to take a good care of them. Not only by words, but also with his actions he was a very good role model. For example:


"the stories of Muezza, the Prophet Muhammad's favourite cat: The most famous story about Muezza recounts how the call to prayer was given, and as Prophet Mohammed went to put on one of his robes, he found his cat sleeping on one of the sleeves. Rather than disturbing the cat, he cut off the sleeve and let him sleep. When he returned, Muezza awoke and bowed down to Prophet Muhammad and in return he stroked him three times.

It is also believed that when Prophet Muhammad gave sermons within his household he would often hold Muezza in his lap [11]". Both his followers and the "Prophet enjoyed the presence of cats" [12]. For example in the early 7th century lived


Abu Hurayrah, famous as a companion of the Prophet and a major narrator of his sayings. He was given his nickname Abu Hruyrah (literally father of cats) by the Prophet because he used to care for a small male cat. ("Cat" word comes from the Arabic word qit but a tiny male cat is called hurayrah ).


There is also a legend about this in which a cat saved the Prophet's Sallallahoalaihiwasallam life from a deadly snake. The story is narrated by Annemarie Schimmel as follows: "There are variants of the story of how Abu Huraryra's RadiAllahoanho cat, which he always carried in his bag, saved the Prophet from an obnoxious snake, whereupon the Prophet petted her so that the mark of his fingers is still visible in the four dark lines on most cats' foreheads, and, because the Prophet's hand had stroked her back, cats never fall on their backs"

(A. Schimmel, Deciphering the Signs of God , Albany, NY, 1994). "The cat is such a clean animal that according to authentic narrations one may make ablution for Prayer with the same water that a cat drank from. Yet, it is known that some people nowadays have opposed the traditions of the Prophet by taking up the evil practices of torturing and poisoning cats. In Islam, the punishment for such actions is severe. Islam holds a special place for cats as lovable and cherished creatures, and mistreating a cat is seen as a serious sin.


Al-Bukhari reported a hadith regarding a woman who locked up a cat, refusing to feed it and not releasing it so that it could feed itself. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahoalaihiwasallam said that her punishment on the Day of Judgment will be torture and Hell [13]." There are many records of the Prophet's Sallallahoalaihiwasallam love for cats and His Sallallahoalaihiwasallam relationship with them. "The prophet's Sallallahoalaihiwasallam fondness for cats is often referred to, and whether or not the hadith that ‘ Love of cats is part of the faith' is genuine, it reflects the general feeling for the little feline [4]." There are also many testimonials regarding many other animals in Islam such as horses, camels, bees, ants and even flies. Fundamentally the life of the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahoalahiwasallam is the understanding of the Quran itself. There are some verses associated with animals and references regarding the responsibility of the human domain in the world and its contents which include balance, justice, mercy and much more moral content. To show mercy to animals is the part of the faith of Islam. Prophet Mohammed Sallallahoalahihiwasallam taught mercy to all of God's Azzawajal creation. The Quran was the way of His Sallallahoalaihiwasallam life. We should consider the message and the sprit of Quran which reflects on all messengers of Allah to mankind. The mercy and fear of Allah is reflected in their characters therefore above all the reader should consider what is mentioned in Quran wholly because Islam does not only mean - as described in a dictionary - a religion "based on the words and religious system founded by the prophet Muhammad and taught by the Koran, the basic principle of which is absolute submission to a unique and personal god, Allah [14]." It also means "straight/right/true path (to God)" which covers the history of the world and beyond.


Azzawajallah wa Sallallahoalaihiwasallam wa RadiAllahoanho




this article is taken from the book:


Photos in Lorraine Chittock, Cats of Cairo: Egypt's Enduring Legacy. Introduction by Annemarie Schimmel. New York: Abbeville Press, 2001.



Allaho alam wa Rasulohu alam

Azzawajallah wa Sallallahoalaihiwasallam

Wassalaam ma al ikraam

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ji bilkul "Hayat ul hewan" bahoot acha silsila hai,

jo Masha Allah Azzawajala Madani Channel par jari hai,


iss se hamain bahoot si Maluma,at hasil hoti hain.

Jo islami bhai iss "Hayat ul hewan" ko paish kartay hain,

unn ka naam hum jaan saktay hain?

Yasir bhai!

kiya unn islami bhai ka aap naam bta saktay hain?


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