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  1. Hurry Towards Forgiveness from your load and the Paradise which is as vast as the Heavens and the Earth it is Prepared for the Pious [Quran:3:133]
  2. السلام علیکم صبح بخیر زندگی یہ حدیث خود بھی پڑھیں اور اپنے دوست و احباب سے بھی شیئر کریں جزاک اللہ عباسی زیبی
  3. Aslamualaikum Musmano

    1. SunniDefender


      wa alikum asslam , ab ye na kehna tukky lagao ; lolx

  4. Download Free Islamic Cover Photo www.islamiccoversphoto.blogspot.com
  5. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said : It is Better to Sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is,better to still to sit with the Good than alone. It is Better to speak to a seeker of Knowledge than to remain Silent: but Silence is better than Idle words. [book-Bukhari]
  6. Islamic Covers Photo
  7. السلام علیکم صبح بخیر زندگی اللہ تعالٰی آپ سب کو خوش و آباد رکھے آمین

  8. Aslamualaikum tmam muslmano ko jumma mubarak

  9. Lot of Things Go Unquestioned&A Lot of Questions Go Unanswered.Few Words Go Unsaid&Few Go Unheard.Some... http://t.co/mvo8AgL2n3

  10. Everyone knows that the Egyptian army is shedding the blood of innocent Muslims for the sake of Governed.This... http://t.co/WZ8lYTBbIG

  11. Relationship with a good person is like sugarcane.You break it,crush it,squeeze it,even beat n grind it,... http://t.co/KIPcA3pngb

  12. "ياالله"تيراشكرتونےخیرو عافیت سےنئ صبح عطافرمائاےپاک پروردگارھم سب کے "ایمان، جان، مال، عزت وآبرو" کیحفاظت... http://t.co/n5f704n0r2

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