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  1. Asalaamualaikum gg Masjid ka naam Faizan e Madinah hai......lehkin Dawateisami ki nahi Faizan e Madinah naam acha hai tho unoh nein ruk diya.....
  3. 1st Pic of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi Giving Speech Asalaamualaikum... the pic where Shaykh Ya'Qoubi are delivering a bayaan...ALhumduLILLAH Azzawajal i attended that mehfil in Birmingham...it was a beautiul Bayaan...
  4. Asalaamualaikum Jeddawi bhai...What a beautiful post....keep it up.. no one can deny that Shaykh Habib Umar are not a Wali of ALLAH Azzawajal... the amount of sacrifices they had to go through, and look you get many prople who want even one second of their suhbath...i wish i was one of them as well who constantly stay in their suhbath... Shaykh Habib Umar were about to travel to the Dawateislami multan Shareef ijtima in pakistan, with two islami bhais who are their students. unfortunatley their was a bit of a problem with their visa so they couldnt come. do you know when is the next time Shaykh Habib Umar or even Shaykh Habib Ali going to travel to UK?
  5. 26th Ramadhan: Birth Date of Sheikh-e-Tareeqath Ameer-e-Ahlesunnath Moulana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas ATTAR Qadiri Razavi Ziaee!!!!....
  6. Asalaamualaikum.... :Rare Recording: Ameer-e-Ahlesunnath, Owais Qadiri and Shahrukh Qadiri Naath Shareef.... .this is beautifully read...Masha ALLAH Azzawajal Beautiful kalaam by Moulana Hassan Raza Khan (rahmatullah alai)..... unfortunatley this isnt the full recording http://radio.faizaneattar.net/NaatSharif/Urdu/Audio/n384.rm Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  7. Asalaamualaikum Madinah... is naath shareef ka link chay hai.. mein ethni dehr thuk yeh doondh raha ho lehkin phir bhi no result. lyrics ki zaroorath nahi... sirf audio chay hai.. rm ya mp3 doesnt matter kalaam-e-Ameer-e-Ahlesunnath Moulana Ilyas ATTAR Qadiri Razavi Ziaee Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  8. Asalaamualaikum Subhaan ALLAH .. AlhumduLILLAH Azzawajal Majlis-e-Taraajum bohth mehnath kur rahi hai .. AlhumduLILLAH Azzawajal.. especially U.k keh islami bhai ... Insha ALLAH Azzawajal this year Multan SHareef ijtima jo november mein ho gha Insha ALLAH Azzawajal.. Faizan-e-Sunnath fully translate ho jai gha.. translation ki bohth zaroori hai kyu keh kai islami bhai complain kurtheh theh keh hum ko urdu nahi samj aathi, urdu bohth mushkil hai purneh keh liyeh .. aap khud dekheh jo mein abhi likha raha ho kehthneh urdu mistakes hai kyu keh mujhe khud urdu sahi nahi aathi.. Ameer-e-AHlesunnath oor Dawat-e-Islami keh barkatheh hai keh mein is level of urdu bohl suk tha ho.. ... Faizan e ATTAR bhai aap nein farmaya : iss bayan ko sun ker INDIA key kuch Actors ney Ammeer e Ahle sunnat k daste mubarak per bai'at ker k sachi toba ker li thi..........aor Haram sey bazz aye they..................... yeh confirm hai 100% ?.. kia aap putha suk theh hai actor names? yeh Madani bahar bohth islami bhaio ko puthao gha Insha ALLAH Azzawajal.. kia yeh actors waaqai acting chor gaheh hai oor Dawat-e-Islami keh Madani mahole seh waabastha hai.. kia yeh actors Madani libaads bhi pehntheh hai? sorry for asking so many questions mein bohth kush ho keh humari piyari Dawat-e-Islami kis level peh pohnch chuki hai ... AlhumduLILLAH please reply a.s.a.p Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  9. Asalaamualaikum Madani Iltijah hai keh please full web pages nahi copy paste kureh.... please aap sirf ek hadith shareef likheh .... woh bhi favourite. Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  10. Asalaamualaikum yeh video Jummah bayaan hai humareh shehr mein ay theh .. oor yeh clip record howa tha. JAzak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  11. Asalaamualaikum very good share... BUT!!!!!! the what is very important that we need to act upon this knowledge!.. Insha ALLAH Azzawajal kown kown niyath kurtha hai keh is peh amal kureh geh? Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  12. Asalaamualaikum Nice to see islami bhais/behns on Madani forum on Islami mehfil vice versa... all of us together need to hold high the flag of Madinah Insha ALLAH Azzawajal and increase the Madani work of Dawat-e-Islami. it is very nice to see Islami mehfil back up and running.. Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  13. Asalaamualaikum... koi islami bhai ya islami behn koh ma'loom hai ?
  14. Asalaamualaikum please listen to this naath shareef Mujhe Madineh ki doh ijaazath Nabiyeh Rahmath (salalahu alaihi wasalam) Shafiyeh Ummath (salalahu alaihi wasalam) LINK:http://www.dawateislami.org/media/audio/rm/2006/clp-1187-1.rm sunah hai keh Ameer-e-AHlesunnath in ko Bulbul e Madinah ka lukub diya hai.. kiya yeh sahi hai? Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  15. Asalaamualaikum Subhaan ALLAH... this is exactly the reason why i started this topic... i did not know this Hadith... i hope every one else benefits from this topic as well...Insha ALLAH Azzawajal Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  16. Asalaamualaikum (sorry for bad urdu) mein nein yeh topic start kia hai - Name your Favourite Hadith! - KYU JUB SAAREH HADITH FAVOURITE HAI?????? yeh ma'loom hai keh sub Hadith Favourite hai... lehkin ek tho ho gha keh aap bohth pusundh kur theh hai .... kyu keh jub saareh Islami bhai oor Islami behneh un keh favourite Hadith likeh geh posts peh... eseh hum ilm seek sukeh geh !!!! .... Insha ALLAH Azzawajal.....
  17. Asalaamualaikum mujhe yeh samj nahi lag raha...keh ek topic hai islami mehfil !!-- Munazra & Radd-e-Badmazhab --!! oor main topic hur waqth Thanvi SAHIB likhtheh hai??? hum jaantheh hai keh woh HAQ peh nahi.. tho Sahib ki kia zaroorath.. Thanvi sirf kaheh.... this is my personal view.... if i am wrong please correct me Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  18. Asalaamualaikum Mubarak ho Muhammad Asif ATTARI bhai!! )))) MAY ALLAH AZZAWAJAL grant you istiqaamath in all your good deeds.. with TRUE IKHLAAS!!...AMEEN Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  19. What is Madani Qafila? Background Madani Qafila is a term that is used in the Madani Mahol of Dawat-e-Islami. It literally means caravan and the word 'madani' is just used to show the love of Madina, the city of Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam). It is the tradition of our Aslaf (Rahumuhumullah) that they used to travel to spread the message of Islam to the mankind. They would also do A'itakaf (short stay in the mosque) during these journeys. Our beloved Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) himself sent about 150 Madani Qafila to different places. Even he (Sallal Allaho t'ala a'leihe wa alehe wasallam) himself took part in 25 such Madani Qafila. These Madani Qafila would have 7 to 40,000 participants, which would travel for 3 months, 2 months, 20 days, or 15 days. The Madani Qafila that our beloved Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) sent would also travel for 6 months. The movement of Dawat-e-Islami also practices this tradition. Therefore, several Madani Qafila around the globe travel from city to city, suburb to suburb, town to town, and from one country to another country for 12 months, 30 days, and for 3 days. Most likey, these Madani Qafila tend to stay in a mosque and spend their time according to the "schedule". The schedule has all the daily activities from getting up for Sala-tut-Tahajjud to the bed-time. Importance The weaken condition, less-practicality, and detachment to Allah (a'zzawajal) and His beloved Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) of today's Muslims is not secret to anyone. In this era, Muslims have gone away from the real taste of spirituality, love of Allah (a'zzawajal) and His beloved Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) and have lost in the worldy pleasures. All the sins, which were the cause of Allah's wrath on the previous nations, are now practiced openly in todays socities. Drinking, early pregnancy, abortion, unjustice, gay marriages (Ma'azAllah a'zzawajal) are the part of today's socities. Muslims who were supposed to guide and correct the societies of the world by their high moral characters are themselves lost in the business of this dunya. Muslims who should lead the world through the light of Islam seem to be busy only in chasing the materialism of this dunya. In such a fitna and corrupted time, Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat, the founder of Dawat-e-Islami, Muhy-e-Sunnat, Abu Bilal, Hazrate Allama Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri damet barkatuhumula alya has given us a Madani Mission of our lives to "try to correct ourselves and the people of the whole world." And Madani Qafila is the only way to correct the people of the whole world. How important is to travel with the Madani Qafila, just imagine from these narrations. Narration: 1 One of the Madani Qafila of Dawat-e-Islami went to Iraq from Bab-ul-Madina, Karachi, Pakistan. Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat was also taking part in that Madani Qafila. Due to delay in the flight, Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat and other participants called the Azan for Salat-ul-Maghrib and offered the prayer in the plane. Shuraka-e-Madani Qafila (The participants of the Madani Caravan) say that all the Iraqi people were staring at us and were congratulating us at offering the prayer as if we had done something extraordinary. We got the feeling that although these people don't pray, but they like the prayer. At reaching Iraq, we saw the same that one out of thousands would pray. When we reached at the Internation airport of Baghdad Sharif, it was the time for Salat-ul-I'sha. We entered in the nearby mosque. You wouldn't believe that there was a speaker in interior roof of the mosque and the songs were being played with the music. Yes, it was a mosque. We were musafir (tourist), we couldn't do anything except minding in our hearts. Shuraka-e-Madani Qafila further say that when we reached at the historical mosque of Kufa where Hazrate Sayyeduna A'li (Radhi Allaho ta'ala anho) was attacked right during the prayer, we saw so many people gathered there. When we inquired, we were told that no prayer was held there even not the Jumu'a prayer. Furthermore, the Shuraka-e-Madani Qafila say that we felt deeply that the people here don't know Shi'ar-e-Islami (The Islamic customs) because generaly no one had the Sunnah beard even the Imam and Mo'zzan didn't have the Sunnah beard. Since we, the Shuraka-e-Madani Qafila, were with I'mama Sharif and Sunnah beard, I'raqi people would stare at us and some even would come to us and ask surprisingly, "Hal anta muslamoon?" (meaning are you Muslims). And when we would reply, "Alhamdulillah nahnoo muslamoon." (meaning alhamdulillah we are Muslims), they would pass happily. Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat says that I wish, "A Madani Tahreek like Dawat-e-Islami also starts there, and spread the invitation towards goodness. And once again, people start embracing the Sunnah." Narration: 2 One of the Muballigh-e-Dawat-e-Islami from India narrates that once one of our Madani Qafila went to a village in Gujrat. We entered in one of the mosques there. We wanted to pray. Someone called the Azan. And when it was the time for jama't, Imam didn't seem to be there to lead the prayer. There was no one with the Sunnah beard or looking religious who could lead the prayer except shuraka-e-Madani Qafila. So we thought that the mo'zzan would ask us to lead the prayer. And our Ameer-e-Qafila stepped forward to lead the prayer. However, mo'zzan strictly stopped him and asked a shaved guy to lead the prayer. We were disturbed at this but kept quiet. After finishing the prayer, we asked the mo'azzan that why didn't you let Ameer-e-Qafila lead the prayer who had the Sunnah beard and deserves more to lead the prayer. He replied, "I did so becaue I saw you people speaking Urdu." Muballigh-e-Dawat-e-Islami says that he didn't let us lead the prayer because we were talking in Urdu, and he thought that we might read the prayer in Urdu. He further says that I'm sure that the other shaved guy would have read the prayer in his local language, Gujrati. This is the level of ignorance in some places there. Narration: 3 One of the Madani Qafila of Dawat-e-Islami went to Russia and one person narrated this story while weeping. He told them that I met a young man who looked like a Muslims from his face. During the meating that young man told him, "I'm a Christian, but my parents are Muslims." He further told him that my parents sent me to a college. Because I was Muslim, my christian class-mates would ask me, "What is Islam, the name that mention again and again?" Due to the western culture at my home, I didn't know much about Islam. When I could not answer them, I asked my mom at home that mom! what is Islam? My mother would answer me, "I don't know either." When I and my mother don't know about Islam then why should we be Muslims. So I accepted christianity. (Ma'azAllah a'zzawajal) The person who narrated this incident to shuraka-e-Madani Qafila asked them, "Who's fault is it, theirs or ours who know and didn't tell them about Islami? Narration: 4 One of the Madani Qafila was on 30 days trip. During the journey, they reached at a certain town and started learning the obligations of the Ghusul in one of the Halqa. A 70 years old man also participated in the Halqa. During the learning session, when the Faraiz (obligations) of the Ghusul were told, he started weeping and said, "I have been 70 years old, and I'm knowing it for the first time that there are also obligations in the Ghusul and I didn't it before." In the light of these narrations, it is clear that we need Madani Qafila that could educate us on Islam. And alhamdulillah the Madani Tahreek of Dawat-e-Islami has established a wonderful network of Madani Qafila around the globe. Lootna Rahmatain Qafila Main Chalo Seekhnain Sunnatain Qafila Main Chalo Chaho Gher Barkatain Qafila Main Pao Gha A'zmatain Qafila Main Chalo Hoo Ghi Hall Mushkalain Qafila Main Chalo Door Hoo Aftain Qafila Main Chalo Taiba Ki Justajoo Hajj Ki Gher Arzoo Hai Bata Doo Tumhain Qafila Main Chalo Gher Madina Ka Gham Chahiaa Chashm-e-Nam Laina Yeh N'amatain Qafila Main Chalo Qarz Ho Gha Ada Aa Ka Mangoo Du'a Pao Gha Barkatain Qafila Main Chalo Ho Qawwi Hafiza Theek Ho Gha Hazima Kam Sara Banain Qafila Main Chalo Gher Qaraz-dar Ho Ya ka Beemar Ho Chaho Gher Rahatain Qafila Main Chalo Gharcha Hoo Garmyan Ya Ka Hoo Sardyan Chahain Hoo Barshain Qafila Main Chalo Ya Khuda Her Ghari Ratt Ho Attar Ki Qafila Main Chalain Qafila Main Chalo Benefits: Some out of several benefits of traveling in the path of Allah (a'zzawajal) are as follows: It is narrated by Hazrate Sayyeduna Anas (Radhi Allaho ta'ala anho) that Naby-e-Kareem, Ra'uf-ur-Raheem, Shafee'-ul-Moznabeen, Rahmatul-lil-A'lameen (Sallal Allaho ta'ala a'leihe wa alehe wasallam) said, more or less meaning, "The one who left in search of knowledge (of the religion) till his return is in the path leading to Allah (a'zzawajal). (Tirmizi V:2, P:89) It is narrated by Hazrate Sayyeduna Huraira (Radhi Allaho ta'ala a'nho) that beloved of Allah (A'zzawajal Wa Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) said, more or less meaning, "That individual will not enter in the fire who weeps because of the fear of Allah (a'zzawajal) even if the milk re-enters the teat, and the smoke of hell and the dust of the path leading to Allah (a'zzawajal) can not be joined together on any being." (Mishqat P:332, Timizi V:1, P:196 & 197) The Prophet of prophets, the apostle of apostles, our beloved Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) said, more or less meaning, "The one who spends money in the path of Allah (a'zzawajal) and himself remains at home, then there are 700 dirhams for him instead of one dirham. And the one who fights in the path of Allah (a'zzawajal) and also spends in the path of Allah (a'zzawajal) will be rewarded 700,000 dirhams for each dirham." The he (Sallal Allaho ta'ala a'leihe wa alehe wasallam) recited the following verse of the Soora Al-Baqra. Translation from Kanz-ul-Eman: "And Allah (a'zzawajal) may increase more than for whomsoever He (a'zzawajal) pleases." (Sunan ibn-e-Majah, P: 198) On another occassion, our beloved Prophet (Sallal Allaho T'ala A'leihe Wa Alehe Wasallam) said, more or less meaning, "No doubt (in the path of Allah a'zzawajal), the reward for praying, fasting, and Zikr is 700 times more than spending in the path of Allah (a'zzawajal)." (Abu Dawood V:1, P:338) In the light of above two Ahadees, Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat has calculated the reward for praying, fasting, and zikr to be 49 billions. He further writes that zikr includes recitation of Holy Qur'an, giving or listening Dars-o-Bayan, calling and responding to Azan, giving or listening Khutba, repenting from sins, saying Takbeer and Tahleel, reciting Tasbeeh and Tahmeed, reciting Salat-o-Salam and Na'at Sharif etc. How to participate? All you need to do is to get in contact with your local zimidaar and he will be able to sort out everything for you.. Insha ALLAH Azzawajal
  20. Asalaamualaikum Welcome Faraz bhai.... i hope you enlighten us all with your knowledge.... Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
  21. Asalaamualaikum kyu? paltalk peh bohth seh PK islami bhai hai...
  22. Asalaamualaikum Mufti Zahid Qadiri Attari Sahib jo Paltalk peh atheh hai? mereh khiyaal seh yeh aaj ka bayaan tha.. mein udur tha paltalk peh Haafiz Sahib what is your name on Paltalk? Jazak ALLAH Wasalaam Sohaib
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