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  1. Yes I have because u keep editing my posts, cos u canny bear the truth.
  2. As far as long speeches are concerned go and ask Minhajies don't ask me cosI ain't th one u are going on and on about Sunni go on my Deargive the criteria so everyone know and they can apply on theselves to see whether they r sunnies or not? Go on gooooollllle it u might find it asome where????????????? I think Deobanies are better in this field at least they know what they believe, you guys don't have clue. All you know is COPY & PASTE nothing else.
  3. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT dR QADRI OR ANYONE ELSE ALL I AM ASKING YOU GIVE ME A CRITERIA FOR A SUNNI I HAVE NOT received anythng cos you guys don't have a clue, all you know is accusing and character assassination go on delete this post too or edit it........... I am laughing at you.......................
  5. Topic Locked. Will be deleted soon. What's all this about dudes??????????? I knew a post like this will be deleted? Where is freedom of speech here wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo haHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH SAQI'S ACCOUNT will be deleted soon.
  6. Thank you very much for editing my posts, becuase you could not face the truth. Dear Readers, Please note that this person Sybarite has amended my posts. My wording has been amended. Now I am wondering about this person, i realy feel for you Sybarite.
  7. Please stop going here and there: Provide me criteria for Sunni then I will apply on Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's practices and all the other Sunni and Wahabi Scholars too. Also you guysare saying he is not Sunni you need to provide evidence not me, if you accuse someone in the Court of Law Judge will ask you to provide the evidence, once you have provided the Evidence then I will provide you the evidence.
  8. Are these wrong beliefs? Promoting true face of Islam He has proved the celebration of Mawlid un Nabi SAW through Qur'an, Sunnah and 1400 years history He is the one who defended Ahl-e-Bait by delivering 12 hour lecture in the Defence of Shan-e-Aki RA (Diffa-e-Shan-e-Ali RA), how many of Sunni scholars defended that. They are always scared to say something in the shaan of Ahl-e-Bait fearing that people will call them Shia, If love of Ahh-e-Bait makes one Shia then I am biggest Shi'a On his stage Shi'a Scholar's come and deliver talks in the Shaan of Khulfa-e-Rashedeen and Sahaba Kiraam RA Since his Lectures on Mawlid un Nabi now Jamat-e-Islami celebrate Mawlin un Nabi SAW, he is the one who wrote biggest book on Mawlid un Nabi SAW He is very well respected in Pakistan and around the Globe, recently I saw on his website he was invited by Shaykh Nazim in Cyprus He also gave Ijaza to Shaykh Jifri Shaykh Hameek Murad delivers lectures in his programmes He is the one who promoted Na'ats If they are then surely he is not sunni, I have asked 2-3 other places to provide a criteria for being sunni, neither you nor your friends have done so? Make sure it's through Quran and Sunnah and I will apply on all the Scholars. Rather than whinging please provide the criteria for a Sunni? I can go on and on but I have better things to do, therefore I wouldn't waste my time on this.
  9. Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam Assalam o Alaikum, I came on this forum to learn Islam but unfortunately what I have found is there are 1000s of posts about character assassination, we spend more and more time on character assassination then learning anything. We spend more and more time on these kind of things without any through research. It's a Hadith, Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: Jo Shakhas kisi baat ko baghair tehqeeq ke philata hai we shaitani amal karta hai. I think that's what is going on here. All we are doing is reading other people's fatwa and posting them them, my question is howmany of us have read or listened to Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. Although I have been dishearted by this forum on character assassination but all those character assassinatoers have done me a favour, that the person I have never listened in my life Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, I started reading himand listening him. I started visiting his website on a daily basis and listen his online lectures. I found something very interesting and that is Gosha-e-Darood o Salam http://www.****** Where people are reading Darood 0 Salam 24 hours a day except Salat times or during other necessary breaks. Mashallah, and not only that peaple can submit Darood o Salam from around the globe. How many so called Sunni do that? I know a lot Sunni brother who don't even read Namaz and they call themselves Aashiq-e-Rasool, They deviate from the Teaching of Rasool-lallah SAW and do everything against the teachings and still call themselves Aashiq-e-Rasool. Mashallah, Subhanallah My question to you all those who have posted all these posts about Dr Tahir ul Qadri assassinating his character, How many of you have listened to him? How many of you have read his books? If you have not then this Hadith applies on you "Jo Shakhas kisi baat ko baghair tehqeeq ke philata hai we shaitani amal karta hai." If you want to listen to him visit www.shaytan.org Finally thank you very much for opening my eyes by criticising Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, I started listening him. Inshallah I am going to start Halaqa-e-Darood-o-Salam and I will also invite you all to join that too so all of us can recite the Darood o Salam on Allad SWT beloved prophet SAW. May Allah guide us to Siraat-e-Mustaqeem and keep us and our families in his and His beloved prophet's Amaan. Ameed. Please do remember me in your Dua'as Jazakallah Khair Saqi Content/Link Removed
  10. This is what you sent me as private message: saqi, Sybarite has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "Warning". Sybarite said: ====================================================================== This forum does not acknowledge Dr. Tahir as a Sunni, let alone Shaykh-ul-Islam. Please refrain from entitling him with the titles he dont deserve. ====================================================================== PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL! You can reply to this personal conversation by following the link below: Why are we warning now? Don't we have enough courage to listen the truth?? What are you going to do? Ban me from this forum? Please do so, I came here to learn Islam not a sect, which is self centred, not willing to listen or read other scolars material. ====================================================================== This forum does not acknowledge Dr. Tahir as a Sunni, let alone Shaykh-ul-Islam. Please refrain from entitling him with the titles he dont deserve. ====================================================================== This title has been given to him by Arab Scholars nd also Shah Khaki RA of Chakwaal.
  11. I am not here to waste my own time or ursSeen end of the text I have asked you 2 questions: I need two answers here What do you say about all the scholars who have given him Ijaza and also about those who took Ijaza from him? What do you say about those people who ca;; a muslim Padri??? I would appreciate an honest answer not a bias one. Thank you
  12. They have made th actuals Sunnies > Barailvies and they became themselves sunnies. Something very interesting, one my Libiyan cleint told me once that Barailvies are near Qadiyanies, ooppps Astaghfirullah ul Azeem. This is the propaganada about us Barailvies. I agree with Br Chishti Qadri, they are very clever or I would say cunning, they made us Bad Aqeeda and they becamse themselves Sunni. My request to all brothers and Sisters here is lets stop what others said or done, lets study our Aqeeda properly. For example, we all celebrate Mawlid un Nabi SAW but why we are celebrating, why do we do khatam shaif, why do we do giyarveeN sharif? We are ones who don't offer 5 time prayers, we are the ones who bad mouth about others, we have time for net but we don't have time for Studying Qur'an, Seerah and w don't have time for reciting Darood o salam. Lets change ourselves, today if we have not changed ourselves then our forthcoming generations won't do Milad, Giyarween and khatams and all the blame would go on us because we were busy criticising others. I have seen young Deobandi kinds they know their Aqeeda very well but on ther hand our Sunni children don't have a clue, they don't even know the Raka'at of Salat and how to perform Wudu and Ghusal and so forth. I came on this forum to learn but I have been very dishearted when I SAW you are calling a Muslim Scholar Padri, Padri means Pope and in other words we are calling Dr Qadri a kafir (Astaghifiruulah ul Azeem), we are becoming God (Na'aoozobillah, Astaghfirullah). How can we call a Muslim with these names, who are we? Think please think
  13. I think there should an open and live debate on this topic either on TV where both parties needs toprove through Qur'an and Sunnah
  14. 22 Views and no one yet provided me the answer??? Are we googling for the criteria?????????????????????????????????
  15. I remember reading somewhere that when a non-muslim delegation came to meet Holy prophet SAW and during their prayer time Holy Prophet SAW allowed them to pray in Masjid Nabvi. Please answer if I am wrong? Didn't Holy prophet SAW allowed them to pray in Masjid-e-Nabwi SAW?
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