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Tariq Jameel Telling False Hadees (Any Reference?)

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This Post is mainly for Deobundis and Tablighis if they can provide the reference for this hadees.


Hadees reference required for the Hadees quoted by Tariq Jameel that ALLAH read the Janaza of Hazrat Muhammad Sallalahu alaihe wasallam. there is no such hadees and he has made this hadees on his own.


The clip is from his bayan at Dewsbury markaz, England 21 May 2009. Full audio of the bayan is available on his website and youtube but the incomplete video clip is available which I have appended at the end.



Audio clip link


Video clip link


Mp3 clip link (Can also be provided)


listen from 60 minute onwards

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Deobandi Wahabi Website Link Removed.

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I wish i can download it and hear to have an evidence. Becoz of Company Policy, i can't access Youtube and many other websites ( as i am accesing internet only from office )


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