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Panajatan Pak kay baray mai Shair par Aaitaraz ka Jawab

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app nay bohot achi maloomat se agah kiya

is artical ko parh kr na sirf mari malomat main azafa huva

balk maray sath sath baqi attari behan bhayon ko b istafada

huva ho ga

or yaqeenan ab main ye sab batain doosray atraz krnay walay

logon ko bataon gi bcoz ye bohot acha prove ha

pehlay itni information na thi is topic se related

but ab mil gaye


app ko or ham sab ko naik kam ki tofeeq ata farmaye

duaoon main yad rakhye ga


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* Surah Al Azaab {33} Verses: {32} "O Wives of the Prophet! Ye are not like any of the (other) women: if ye do fear ((Allah)), be not too complacent of speech, lest one in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire: but speak ye a speech (that is) just. {33} And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, members of the Ahli Bayt, and to make you pure and spotless. {34} And recite what is rehearsed to you in your homes, of the Signs of Allah and His Wisdom: for Allah understands the finest mysteries and is well-acquainted (with them)."


Surah Al Ahzaab kee ayaat 33: Azwaaj e RasoolAllah, kee shaan meh bee nazil huwi, Ahli Bayt aurat, biwi ko be farmaya gaya heh ... jistera urdu zaban meh: "Gar wali" {Ahli Bayt} ka lafz biwi kay leeyeh bola jata heh ...


* Surah Hud {11} Verse: {69} "And verily, there came Our Messengers [Angles] to Ibraheem with glad tidings. They said: Salam, He answered, Salam and he hastened to entertain them with a roasted calf. {70} But when he saw their hands went not towards it (the meal), he felt some mistrust of them [Angles], and conceived a fear of them [Angles]. They said: "Fear not, we have been sent against the people of Lout (Lot)." {71} And his wife was standing (there), and she laughed. But We gave her glad tidings of Ishaque, and after him, of Yaqoob. {72} She said (in astonishment): "Woe unto me! Shall I bear a child while I am an old woman, and here is my husband, an old man? Verily! This is a strange thing!" {73} They said: "Do you wonder at the Decree of Allah? The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings be on you Ahlal Bayt. Surely, He is All-Praiseworthy, All-Glorious."


Note here the one holding conversation with the angles is wife of Ibraheem alayhis salam, hence the refference of ahlul bayt is to her, even if u include Ibrahim alayhis salam in the adress of angles still the wife is included.


Is leyeh yeh ayaat Ummahat Ul Momineen aur Panjtan kay leyeh be nazil huwi heh.


Wama Alayna Ilal Balaghul Mubeen.


MUhammed Ali Razavi

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