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Taziyat message from Ameereahlesunnat

Madina Madina

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My Father AlHaaj Khalil Ahmed passed away this Monday. 9th RabiulAwal (26th Nov 2020)

Whilst I was reciting Surah Yaseen to them in Hospital he kept saying corona virus means he will have a Shaheed ka rutba.. so was happy with Raza ilahi. 


(He met  in uk Haji imran Many times times too)

Dua ki dharkhast ?

Can you get Bapa jaan to do a Dua e Maghfiret for my Father and send me recording my WhatsApp is 00044xxxxxxxxxx mother is very upset & will be very very very happy to receive a Dua from my Rohani Father Bapa Jaan ❤


I have also met Bapa Jaan and Haji Imran , Abdul Habib , Hassan Raza and Haji Yafoor many times


My fathers 

Sons names for taziyat 

are : Shabir Ahmed Attari

Shakil Ahmed Attari

and Munir Ahmed Qadri

?جزاك الله خيرا 

My Father also gave his house to Dawateislami and now its a Madrassah in Lalamusa



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Procedure for Taziyat message
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وعلیکم السلام,

انا للہ و انا علیہ راجعون

May Allah grant him Jannاt-ul-Firdous and give you Sabr-e-Jameel. Aameen.

I'm not sure if there is anyone on this forum which have direct contact with Ameer-e-AhleSunnat (مدظلہ العالی) to deliver your message and get a recording. I think It would be best to send a direct message to Madani Channel team or someone in Majlis-e-Shura. You can try to message on twitter or facebook. 

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