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5 min Package


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"Sallallahu alaihi wasallam" is a complete durood shareef one can easily read this durood shareef 200 times and 20 times "Astaghfirullah" in 5 mins just try it once.


Whoever recites Durood Shareef 1000 in a day will not not die until he see his place in heaven ...... Subhanallah!!!!


from Ahadees we come to know prophet being free of sins did 100 times according to some scholars and 70 times according to some read astaghfar this was for our guidance.


We can easily do this simply by activating this package before or after every prayers.


"Sallallahu alaihi wasallam" aik mukammal durood hai aur asaani k saath 200 bar parha jaa sakta hai aur saath hi 20 bar "Astaghfirullah" yeh dono amal sirf 5 min mei kiye jaa sakte hain


Ahaadees k mafhoom se pata lagta hai jo koi din bhar mei 1000 bar Durood shareef parhta hai woh us waqt tak nahi marta jab tak jannat mei apni jaga na dekh le ... SubhanAllah


Ahaadees se yeh bhi maloom hota hai k Huzoor SAWS din bhar mei 70 bar aur aik riwayat mei 100 bar istaghfar karte the aap to gunahon se paak the per humari taleem k liye yeh amal hai


Ager hum har namaz se pehle ya baad sirf 5 min ka yeh amal kar len to din bhar mei 1000 bar durood aur 100 bar istaghfar karne mei kamyaab hojayen ge inshallah


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