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Countering Evil of Wahabism in Future

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Following are few suggestions in this regard;


With changing trends & technologies its ample to redefine strategies for coping with world must dangerous volatile virus ……i.e. Wahabism.

English has been most spoken International language for many decades but with enhancements in Information technology English language have become inevitable.

Unfortunately Ahlus Sunnah is lacking behind in transforming glorious Islamic materials into English from Arabic & Urdu.

As a result its difficult to find speeches & books in English of Ahlus Sunnah, where as wahabis are actively working on this. The most disturbing part is that they are propagating poison of deobandim into the muslims that are not much acquainted with Urdu /Arabic. Thus they are not only successful in hiding the committed Kufr of their Akabir Ulemas & but are quite successful in creating hatred towards real Ahle Sunnat Ulemas.

In this regard I have few suggestion;

1) English versions of books exposing wahabism should be made available on Internet.

2) English version of Dr.Kokab Nooroani VCD “Akhir Ikhtilaf kion” should be prepared in DVD format.

3) Wahabis are mostly focus on blaming Sunnis with Shirk & Biddat……to counter these allegations a DVD English response clearing those should be prepared.

4) DVD of Wahabis books in which they have insulted Allah Subhan needs extreme attention……as its common practice of wahabis to blame sunnis for these.

5) English speeches in defense of Ahlus Sunnah should be made available on Internet.

Hopefully above suggestion should be kindly considered.




Muhammad Faisal

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