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War on Islam : " Salafi / Wahab Deception

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(bis)War on Islam : " Salafi / Wahabi " Deception


British Channel 4’s Dispatches has produced a scathing documentary, called

Undercover Mosque, about the negative influence of Saudi Arabia, through its

promotion of Wahhabism, among the Muslim community of Britain. But the video is clear to point out that, “Wahhabism is opposed to the traditional tolerant

beliefs of classical Islamâ. What the video does not cover, however, is that

the spread of the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam is part of a larger Western

agenda, involving the CIA, to denigrate Islam.


The Wahhabis insinuate themselves as legitimate members of the Muslim community,but Wahhabism was created by the British, in the eighteenth century, to undermine Islam. It has since been promoted by the state of Saudi Arabia, which

was originally established by the British to achieve Western control of the

world’s primary oil resource. (author, “Globalists Created Wahhabi



The novelty of the ruse of the Wahhabis is that they do not present themselves

as a sect of Islam, but merely as a group within the majority, known as Sunnis,

committed to orthodoxy. In Western countries, as pointed out by Stephen

Schwartz, in The Two Faces of Islam, the Muslim communities there are newly

created, and do not have long-standing traditions of classical Islam.. It is

possible, therefore, for Saudi Arabia to move in and dominate the burgeoning

communities. Through their immense oil wealth, they have financed the

construction of mosques, printed the majority, if not all, of the Muslim

literature in English, and have financially backed all the so-called moderate

organizations which purportedly represent the interests of the Muslims.


The purpose of promoting Wahhabism is not merely to create the mindset of the

terrorist, but to indoctrinate certain Muslims to become aberrations of human

beings, exemplifying all that is despicable, including misogyny, ignorance,

intolerance and bigotry, as the video painfully exposes. The intent is to create

an egregious image of the Muslims, to secure their identity with the prevailing

prejudices against them, in order to bring about a Clash of Civilizations, or

the so-called War on Terror, in other words, the War on Islam.


This video will certainly inflame hatred among the bigoted right in America and

elsewhere, who will surely claim "I told you so "Â. But more importantly, the

message provided in this video is a wake-up call for the Muslims, to recognize

the vipers hiding their midsts who have hijacked their religion. It is high time

for Muslims to return to the noble principles of their religion, and start

acting like the examples the world is waiting to see..


Contrary to their claims though, while it is true that the word “Salafâ€

refers to these early generations, the use of the term in this manner is a

modern development.


This deceptive interpretation of history is derived from Abdul Wahhab, who

appeared in the mid-18th century. According to his memoirs, a British spy by the

name of Hempher, was assigned to the Middle East in order to discover ways to

undermine Islam, with the aim of advancing British control over the region. His

mission eventually focussed on the support of Wahhab, and backing him through

the Saudi family, through whom he preached the British’s destructive message

of Islam.


Essentially, Wahhab’s innovations made it legal for his followers to fight

other Muslims, by pronouncing them “unbelieversâ€, under the pretense of

“purifying†Islam, but in reality serving British strategy against the great

Ottoman Empire. Wahhab did so by claiming that all of Islamic history, except

for the generations of the Salaf, that is, from the time of the Math’habs

onward, had fallen out of Islam.


Once adherence of the Muslims had been unbound from their traditional legal

schools, it was possible for the British and their agents to come in with their

own. And this is the purpose of the Salafi movement. The Saudis were then

formally installed in Arabia in 1932, and have since acted as protectors of the

oil interests of the Rockefellers, who are regarded as second-in-command within

the Illuminati, after the Rothschilds. Particularly since 1973, when the Oil

Crisis was orchestrated to enrich the Saudis, they have used the tremendous

wealth at their disposal to advance their deviant interpretations.


While the Saudis have been under agreement with the CIA to finance many of its

covert activities, including the funding of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, and

the support of Islamic terrorists worldwide, many of the Saudi scholars as well

as the government are putting on a public face of rejecting terrorism and bin

Laden. They claim that terrorism and anti-government activities are contrary to

the true tenets of Salafism.


This is not true. At times the purpose of Salafism is to inculcate terrorism,

but in general, the purpose of Salafism is to provide a new Math’hab, to

estrange the world’s Muslim population from traditional Islam, and thereby

lead them wherever Western interests deem fit.


It’s important to understand the very special role of Saudi Arabia. First of

all, Laurence of Arabia was used to dupe Sharif Hussain of Mecca in combatting

the Turks during WWI, only to be tricked, when the British and French negotiated

behind the scenes to partition the Middle East among themselves, even though

Hussain had been promised to be appointed “King of the Arabsâ€. Saudi Arabia did not fall within this scheming, but a special fate was reserved for it.

Instead, it was Ibn Saud, as head of the extremist Wahhabi faction, who was

permitted to seize power in that country in 1932. A year later, he signed a deal

conferring drilling rights in the country to Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.


Oil production in that country has supposedly shifted into native hands, under

the guise of ARAMCO, but in reality, the organization merely acts as a front to

hide continuing American control.


In it through this relationship that Saudi Arabia both acts to safeguard the

continuing monopoly of one of the world’s most precious resources, and also

acting to finance the spread of the British created “Wahhabi†extremism,

designed to undermine Islam from within.


Who or what is a Salafi? Is their approach valid?




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(bis)War on Islam : " Salafi / Wahabi " Deception




Dear Mr. Jeddawi


Welcome to the Munazra Rad-e-Bad Madhab


First of all would you please introduce yourself as it would be easy to understand your thoughts and define the information as per your thoughts?


Secondly here you’ve mentioned documentary against the Ahl-e-Hadith issued from British Channel, so they are more trustful resource against the Ahl-e-Hadith while it against the Quran and Hadith, if I’m not wrong (May Allah forgive me for mistake)“that the Jews, Christens cannot be your friends” so you are against of it?


You also forget the Ayah of Quran that “when a (Fasiq) corrupt or sinful person brings/gives you some news, search for the truth (it means do not believe on it as it is), have you did so?


The Jews, Christens, and Hindus knows that the only Ahl-e-Hadith (who love the way of Quran and Sunnah) are the strict with them and after them the Mujahideen of Deoband and as well as Shia Jihadees (not accepting the Shia thoughts or believes), from Hanafi (Specially from Brelvi’s) no one could do anything against Ahle-Hadith that’s why they are propagating the fake or misinterpreted information around the world and guys like you believes on it.


Here few question I drived from your post are,


1) You said Salafi’s (Ahl-e-Hadith) misinterpret the Quran and Sunnah it their own way not in the way of Muhaddetheen or Mufassereen or the Imam’s of four school of thoughts


2) You said Abdul Wahhab was the kind of CIA/British agent to conquer the Arab and made it Saudi Arab and it was just for the sake of Oil and Power


3) You also said Ahl-e-Hadith are trying to divide the Muslim Ummah and causing to show the bad Face of Islam in front of outer world


4) You further said, So called Jihad is not but fighting against their enemy or war against Muslims, Al-Qaida was the adapted of America and funded by them as well.


5) You said Ahl-e-Hadith do not believe or respect Imams of 4 School of Thoughts and contempt them.


Well the answers are very lengthy and I’m afraid that I’ll be lost somewhere ells in answering it, well I’ll try my best to be stick with the questions only


1) Can you please show us the misinterpretation of Quran and Hadith with proper reference?, while I can show you (Insha Allah) with reference that we took and quote the Tafaseer from Tafseer Ibn-e-Kasser, we took and believe all the Tafseer which is not against of Quran and Hadith


2) Can you show us the single evidence with proper and reference (not the fake and so called history writer’s stories) that Mr. Wahab did so. If he did it then it would be his own and personal decision and act and we condemned it as well (but if he did so)


3) I think you’ve not read the thoughts and calls of Ahl-e-Hadith, and I’m sure you haven’t. if yes then just eyeballed them did not bothered to ponder in it. The reason is the Ahl-e-Hadith call all of the Muslims to forget the thoughts of their Schools(Maslak) and come to and bring all your difference upon the Quran and Sunnah and be one and Ummah instead of the Cast (Firqah)


4) So called Jihad?? Don’t you think Israel killing the innocent peoples just for sake of his stability and stretching his boundaries?, don’t you know what India is doing in Kashmeer?, Don’t you know what Russia did and doing in Bosnia, Qasiziqistan, etc?, don’t you know why Russia wants to conquer the Afghanistan and why America now? If not then you just the their slave and living in well. Yes Al-Qaida was founded by the American Aid (while you’ve said that it was Saudi Govt. to aid them to fight against the Russia), but must agree that the reason was only Jihad (meaning is the struggle against the injustice) to help the Afghan peoples not for conquer it or to get the benefit from it. And now they’ve become the independent organization and aginst the America and all the countries those are against the Muslims around the world (it doesn’t mean that I believe on Al-Qaida or love them, even I’ve some reservations with them as well).


5) Again you’ve not read the books of Ahl-e-Hadith and came here with wrong knowledge you got from here and there, please read books of Ahl-e-Hadith Ulama and find out the believes they have. We do respect to all four Imams of School of Thoughts (Hanafi, Shafai, Maliki and Hambali) and accept all their sayings which is not in against of Quran and Hadith, which is again the sayings of these Imams as well that, “accept whatever you found in accordance of Quran and Hadith and throw the all sayings (Qoul) which is against the Quran and Hadith”.




I think these answers are good enough to understand the Ahl-e-Hadith point of view




Abdul Salam

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Jazak Allah for your inputs.


Brother Jeddawi it was nice to see those artciles on this forum.


The fitnah of wahabism was fast spreading in the west. The Scholars of Ahlus sunnah took great measures and now the wahabi propogation has gone down. You can google" rise and the fall of salafi dawah in west". It gives some insight as to how wahabis tried to fool our revert brothers and sisters.


Wahabism and love for money go hand in hand.




Among the signs of the Hour mentioned by the Noble Messenger of Allah durood.gif in the well-known hadith of Gibril in Sahih al-Bukhari is "when the destitute camelherds compete in building tall structures." Another version in al-Bukhari has: "when the barefoot and the naked are the heads of the people." In Muslim: "you shall see the barefoot, naked, indigent shepherds compete in building tall structures." Another version in Muslim says: "when the naked and barefoot are the top leaders of the people." A third version in Muslim has: "when you see that the barefoot and naked, the deaf and dumb are the kings of the earth."


Ibn Hajar said in commenting this passage of the hadith in Fath al-Bari: It was said that "barefoot and naked," "deaf and dumb" are their attributes by way of hyperbole, showing how coarse they are. That is, they did not use their hearing or sight in anything concerning their Religion even though they are of perfectly sound senses. The Prophet's words durood.gif : "The heads of the people" means the kings of the earth. Abu Farwa's narration names the kings explicitly. What is meant by them is the people of the desert country, as was made explicit in Sulayman al-Taymi's and other narrations: "Who are the barefoot and naked?" He answered: "The Bedouin Arabs." Al-Tabarani relates through Abu Hamza, on the authority of Ibn `Abbas from the Prophet durood.gif , that "one of the signs of the change of the Religion is the affectation of eloquence by the rabble and their betaking to palaces in big cities." Al-Qurtubi said: "What is meant here is the prediction of a reversal in society whereby the people of the desert country will take over the conduct of affairs and rule every region by force. They will become extremely rich and their primary concern will be to erect tall buildings and take pride in them. We have witnessed this in our time as well as the import of the hadith: 'The Hour will not rise until the happiest man will be the depraved son of a depraved father (lukka` ibn lukka`),' and 'if the leadership is entrusted to those unfit for it, expect the Hour,' both in the authentic collections."


[ Shaykh GF haddad]


Wahabis are competing in building the worlds tallest building.




All this reminds us that the end time is near.


Wahabism has damged the ummah from inside , like the jews and christinas have attacked us from outside.


Promoting anthropomorphism, making each individual into a Mujtahid and abusing the salaf as saliheen is what wahabism has taught .

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"when the destitute camelherds compete in building tall structures." . "when the barefoot and the naked are the heads of the people.". "you shall see the barefoot, naked, indigent shepherds compete in building tall structures."."when the naked and barefoot are the top leaders of the people." . "when you see that the barefoot and naked, the deaf and dumb are the kings of the earth."


Wahabism has damged the ummah from inside , like the jews and christinas have attacked us from outside.




The Hadiths you quoted, sahi and i believed on it as well,

But as far as Ahl-e-Hadith are concerns, can you tell me that ever ever you heared or you know that the any owner of the tallest buildings or owner of the hotels, resturnet etc are the Ahle-e-Hadith or they are encurageing the peoples to do so or involve in buying or using it, i'm sure you didn't and neither you can.


So i would request you to please read my post thoroughly and post the reply if you wanted to do so.




Abdul Salam

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Just to inform you, the wahabis are divided into many sects. Two major groups are MADHKHALIS AND QUTUBIS.


Most pakistani wahabis are Madhkhalis . This group supports saudi rulers . This is the same MADhakhli group which has invited JEWISH owned STAR BUCKS coofee chain in Makkah al mukkarramh .


Concerning your previous post,




Can you please show us the misinterpretation of Quran and Hadith with proper reference?


Please check Tafwiyatul Iman of Ismail Dehalvi for wrong interpretation of quranic ayats. Imam Bukhrai has narrated a statement of Sayyedina Ibn Umar rd that it is a habit of Khawarij to use those quranic verses which were revelaed for non muslims upon muslims.




If you do not consider Ismail Dehalvi to a wahabi , please make it clear.


The founder of wahabism , ibn Abdal al wahab najdi al tamimi started this trick of using quranic verses revealed for non muslims upon muslims.


He was refuted by his own blood brother sulayman and many other scholars of Ahlus sunnah . They all said the first mistake of Ibn Abdal al wahab najadi al tamimi was wrong interpretation of quranic verses just to cal muslims as Mushriks.


The book is online. You can read if you wish.


Can you show us the single evidence with proper and reference (not the fake and so called history writer’s stories) that Mr. Wahab did so.


Read Divine text released by Hanbali text society. Pick any history book written by a non wahabi scholar and see the truth. There are plenty .


The reason is the Ahl-e-Hadith call all of the Muslims to forget the thoughts of their Schools(Maslak) and come to and bring all your difference upon the Quran and Sunnah and be one and Ummah instead of the Cast (Firqah)


So the scholars like Ibn Hajar , Imam nawawi , Imam suyiti , Ibn Jawji were all wrong when they stuck to one school of fiqh?

Wahabis are teaching anthropomorphism to young muslims. Wahabism is a sect which was born just 200 years back , how can it unite the ummah which is already united since1400 yeras ?


So called Jihad??


The Madhkhali sect of wahabism is against jihad and they supported USA in attacking iraq.


Killing innocent people is not Jihad. Please do not spoil the name of Islam.

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The reply of your post in detail i shall post later, meanwhile i jsut wanted to share a book with you, please take a look






Abdul Salam

Edited by Ya Mohammadah
Dont upload again books having Biddati's Sites again. Wht ever u want to say just put tht related matter on forum inspite of whole book.
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I did not check the book.

When your reply will come insha Allah we will discuss.



Dear Mr. Sunni Student

Here i was thinking to post the reply of your second last post in detail, but now i decide to stop, as i've realized that Mr. Jadewi was the one who wanted us to fight with each other with the metter he posted once and dissappared.


but if you are intersted to know my reply please go to reply of the post of "Apne Amalon per maghroor ganjye Wahabis ki Kharijiat per" there you would be able to find all the details you've mention in your posts, as far as Syed Ismail Shaheed's Taqwiyatul-Iman is concerned please let me know the The Wrong Interpretation of Quran he did it it in a Saperat post.



Thanks a Lot



Abdul Salam

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