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Who Is Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qaderi?

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Who's Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qaderi?


Who knew that yesterday's a laborer and an imam of a tiny mosque would be today's the founder and the leader of the most popular islamic movement in the world, Dawat-e-Islami........

One of the most influential personalities in the saint's history, Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qaderi........

His early life:

Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat, Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qaderi was bron in Karachi, Pakistan in 1950. His father, Haji Abdur Rehman rahmatullah ta'ala aleh, was a very religious personality. During the creation of Pakistan, his father was still living in Kutyana, Joona Gharh, India. When Sikhs and Hindues were looting and killing Muslims, his father also migrated to Pakistan. He stayed in Haider-Abad, Sindh for a while, and then moved to Karachi. Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat was an infant when his father, Haji Abdur Rehman rahmatullah ta'ala aleh, went to Makkah for Hajj, and there he died in 1951.


His brother and mother also passes away:

Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat,s elder brother, Abdul Ghani, supported him till his youth, and then he passed away in a train accident. Short-time after his brother's death, his mother also passed away. These tragedies made him depressed, and he expressed his grievance feelings in a poetry:



The clouds of grief took over, heart is restless Ya Rasool Allah

You are the cure of my grief Ya Rasool Allah

I was little, father died, brother passed away when I was young

Didn't even see the joys, mother died Ya Rasool Allah

Say to the wind of dawn, it move the grief of heart

The night of grief, become the morning of spring Ya Rasool Allah

Because of the turnado, the ship is shaken

Take care, I'm going to drown, o my soul Ya Rasool Allah

(more or less translation from his poetry in Urdu)




There are still such people on the face of earth who are only struggling to make people ignore the worldly beauty of America, London, and Europe, and rather deeply wish to visit Madina-tun-Nabi, the city of Prophet. The world is still not empty from such pious people who are making people to love the traditions of prophet and leave the fashions of this dunya. The purpose of the lives of these pious people is to connect people with Allah almighty and his beloved Prophet. Indeed, Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat, Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri mudda zillul'ali is one of those great personalities, who are correcting the society. Thousands of people have repented from their sins because of his sincere efforts. This include such people who used to loot and ruin the honour of others, but now the same people are providing security to others. Countless drinkers, the addictive to Heroin have become the respectful citizens of the society becuse of the blessed company of Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat. Therefore, it is narrated a story of a descrutive person in Karachi here.


A drinker breakes the bottle of wine:


This person, who was lost in drinking and other worldly pleasures, happened to pass the International madani markaz of Dawat-e-Islami in Karachi, Pakistan during the 27th nigh of Ramdan-ul-Mubarak. So many islamic brothers were mu'takaf there. Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat was making du'a in his specific style. The fear of Allah azzawajal was dominating the ijtim'a, people were weeping. This gangster heard the voices of the cries, his heart softened, and he hid the bottle of wine behind a pole of electricity. And then joined the du'a. Because of the du'a that Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat was making, his heart started getting soften, and now his body was shaking with the fear of Allah Almighty, his eyes were getting wet with tears, the star of his luck brightened, and he had repented from his sins. When the du'a finished, he broke the bottle of wine. subhaan Allah


The story of the repentence of a dangerous criminal:


Once, one of the muballigh (preacher) of Dawat-e-Islami brought such a man to Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat, who was very dangerous criminal. He had committed the crimes of three different murders. Moreover, he had been to jail for several times. He told Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat that he had wanted to live as a christian for the rest of his life. However, your this muballigh has taken me to you. If you can satisfy me, it's ok; otherwise, I would go to church the next morning and accept christianity, and will start committing crimes again. Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat listened him attentively, and then start suggesting him with love and care. The sweet sentences that Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat spoke penetrated in his heart. And after few moments, he was kissing Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat's hands. With the grace of Allah Almighty, now he had abstained from the intention of become christian. Nevertheless, since he had made the intention to become christian; therefore, according to the order of Shari'a (slamic Law), he had become murtad. Therefore, Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat asked him to repent and entered in Islam again. Alhamdulillah! He also did the bai'a on the hands of Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat and became the mureed of Sayyudana Ghous-e-Azam Radi Allaho ta'ala anhu.


Subhaan Allah! These are such revolutionary changed that can be seen because of Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat. Similary, several people have become regular and punctual at their prayers because of the madani company of Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat. Those who used to read romantic and un-ethical novels are now seen reciting Qur'an and poetry in the praise of Propet. Those who used to watch dramas and un-ethical movies are now seen restless in the wish of visiting Madain-tun-Nabi, the city of Prophet. Likewise, a large number of patients of sins have been cured by Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat.


Several other sins like back-biting, disobedience to the parents, shaving the beard or keeping it less than one full hand, the un-islamic customs of the weddings, singing music, the greediness of this dunya that are not considered to be sins in the society anymore are highly talked about by Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat. The way a medicine will not cure a disease without knowing it, the same way no one can save himself from a sin unless he considers it a sin. This is why, Ameer-e-Ahle sunnat made the great awareness of such sins in the society.


Good Attitude (Husn-e-Akhlaq):


The good attitude of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat has contributed a lot in the progress of Dawat-e-Islami. Allah has blessed Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat with great Husn-e-Akhlaq. He meets with everyone with a gentle smile. It is seen that where one would get very angry, we would keep smiling at such occasions. Even such incidents are witnessed that Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat is walking on a street and people would shout bad words, but he would pray for their forgiveness and would not curse in return. if Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat had taunted someone because of the undesciplened madani work, he would immidiately make him happy, mostly by presenting some gifts.


Three talaq to anger:


He often advises muballagheen (preachers) that if you want to do madani work, then you should give three divorces to anger. Because if someone frequently gets angry, he cann't do the madani work. He further says that if you cann't present anyone, then just meet people with attention and smile, it will be enough to win their hearts. He also says that if you move your hand on the back of a cat with love, the cat would bend his back in a curve and start rubbing his body with your legs. When an animal receives love, starts rubbing his body with your legs, then what about a human being who is given sense. Moreover, he says, remember! "Heart, not with sword, but can be won with husn-e-akhlaq (good character)".




One of the great qualities of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat is that he doesn't take revenge from his personal enemies. He often says that if some one has hurt me or cursed me, I have forgiven him. Even if someone does so in future, I have forgiven him in advance. Because I have read in Hadees-e-Pak, the translation of which goes like that one companion radhi Allaho ta'ala anhu came to Prophet and requested, Ya Rasool Allah! I don't have any wealth that I donate, but I have made attention that who ever deprives me of my right, I have forgiven him in advance. At this, Sayyaduna Jibra'il alaihissalam came to Prophet and requested that Allah says to give good news to your this companion that you being an abd (worshipper) forgives other people; therefore, We being the creator forgive you too.


Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat often advises Muballagheen and other Islamic brothers to always control the anger. He says that you make those happy who break with you. Whoever deprives you, you give him, and never take revenge. And don't even think to do so from Muslims. Just forgive others for the sake of the pleasure of Allah. Because Allah says in Qur'an:

"And who restrain anger and who pardon men. And virtuous people are dear to Allah." [4:134 Translation from Kanz-ul-eeman]


If some one assassinates me...


The quality of the forgiveness of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat can be further seen from this that he sometimes say to his mo'taqadeen (people associated with him) that supposedly if some one assassinates me, do not say anything to my murderer, and do not go to any court because I have already forgiven all the miseries and problem that may come from Muslims. I also ask my family to forgive their rights and they should not go to court either. No one is allowed to go on strike and disturb the daily works in my country. Even if I get some honor and rank on the day of resurrection, I would not enter in the heaven without taking my murderer provided that he had died as a Muslim on faith. Because if he had not assassinated me, I would not have gotten martyrdom. Therefore, why shouldn't I pay heed to he who gave me martyrdom.

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Subhaan ALLAH..


we are nothing compared to Ameer-e-Ahlesunnath .. it is suprising that Ameer-e-Ahlesunnath have still kept us with them very closeley despite us being sooo ghunahghaar..


eh Kaash we all get the oppurtunity to do khidmath for Ameer-e-Ahlesunnath











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ماشاللہ ۔ I love Murshid Attar.Murshid Attar ko is gunehgar Sohail Qadri Attari ki tarf se Khusuboodar Salam.Murshid Attar se arz he ke mere lye dua kren aur Allah Ta'alah Qadremutliq se mere gunaho ki maghfirat ki dua frmaen.maazrat chahunga mere pas aur koi contact ni is lye comment  kr dia .

صلو علی الحبیب          صلی اللہ علیٰ مُحٙمّٙد

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