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  1. Sab bhaion say request hay kay Molana Jami (Rah Matulah Alayh) Ki Poetry ki books or any other book ho to share karain. Madni channle per aaj kal aik naat shareef A rahi hay jis ka aik misra hay Apni Dahri may sajay khaaray MADINA hongay ho kisi bhai kay pass to plz link share ker dain
  2. yay naat kisi bi format may ho too plz Share karain
  3. check out 3D-View gare-e-hera‏ Pray for Me 3d.doc
  4. Iss naat ka Audio Or video Download able link kisi kay pass ho tu Plz share ker dain
  5. Topic = Kia hi Zoq Afza Shaf`at Hain Tumhari Wah Wah Part 1
  6. Aisay Khabees Logo Ka hal Kuch is tara hota hay . ALLAH hum ko In Jaisay Badbakhtooo Say MAHFOOZ Rakhay Ameen
  7. Final Post Roman English of Kalam-e-Bahu Naheen faqeeree jhalliaan maaran, Suttiaan lok jagaavan hoo Naheen faqeeree vaihndeeaan nadeeaan, Sukkiaan paar langhaavan hoo Naheen faqeeree wich havaa de, Sajjaadaa thairaavan hoo Naam faqeer tinhaan da, jehrhe Dil wich dost tikaavan hoo English translation of Kalam-e-Bahu Spiritual life does not consist Of loud prayers and frenzied dancing- They only upset the peace and quiet of early morning. Walking on water is not spirituality Nor is praying on mats suspended in mid air. They alone may be called mystics, O Bahu, Who have ens
  8. Roman English of Kalam-e-Bahu Lohaa hoven piaa kuteeven, Taan talwaar sadeeven hoo Kanghee caangoon piaa chireeven, Zulf mahboob bhareeven hoo Mehndee vaangoon piaa ghuteeven, Hath mahboob rangeeven hoo Vaang kapaah piaa pinjeeven, Taan dastaar sadeeven hoo Aashiq saadiq hoven Baahoo, Taan ras prem daa peeven hoo English translation of Kalam-e-Bahu Like a piece of iron that is to be forged into a fine sword, You must bear the Blacksmith’s unrelenting hammer blows, Like a comb you must be finely sawn Before you can caress the Beloved’s locks. Like henna leaves you must be ground
  9. Roman English of Kalam-e-Bahu Kalme lakkh karorhan taare, Walee keete sai raaheen hoo Kalme naal bujhaae dozakh, Jith agg bale azgaaheen hoo Kalme naal bahishteen jaanaa, Jith niaamat sanjh subaaheen hoo Kalme jehee na niaamat Baahoo, Andar doheen saraaeen hoo English translation of Kalam-e-Bahu The Kalma has ferried millions across the ocean.In countless ways has it transformed Ordinary mortals into Saints. Through Kalma is pacified the raging fire of hell; Through Kalma is attained heaven, The realm of everlasting bliss. There is no treasure like Kalma, O Bahu, In this world a
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