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  1. JazakAllahu Khayra for sharing both article and the video ....
  2. SUBHANALLAH Azzawajal, brilliant news!!!! JazakAllah for sharing ....
  3. SUBHANaLLAH Azzawajal JazakAllah for sharing ....
  4. MashaAllah SubhanAllah! JazakAllahu Khayra....
  5. SubhanAllah JazakAllah for sharing such a beautiful video!
  6. Thanks. I will be adding more as soon as I get some free time.
  7. Think before you speak: Yes, without the permission of the Islamic Jurisprudence (Shariah), if any word or the interpretation of any of the word from the above 141 and more examples is uttered for anyone behind 'his/her' back, and if the remanded quality exists in the person, then it is backbiting otherwise it is Slander, (Thousands of words of backbiting and Slander exist in various different languages, I have presented only more than 141 exemplary specimens) It is but apparent that normally a person lakes delight in hearing proficiency only; no one likes derogatory talk about one's own s
  8. Examples off backbiting regarding clothing ; 106. Design of his clothes is useless 107. His clothes are clumsy. 108. His clothes are dirty. 109. Seems he has pulled on his elder brother's clothes. Examples off backbiting regarding vehicles: 110. His vehicle is a 'push-start' 111. Ps it a vehicle or a donkey cart of his\speed is very less. 112. His vehicle is very old modelled 113. His vehicle is Khachad-Fachad (Criticism symbolic of sound). Examples of backbiting about house: 114. Their home\ Factory\ Shop\Hotel was not clean. 115, Thei
  9. 64, Wishes serf praise. 65. Is very fond of sitting in front. 66. Is a miser. 67. He backbites. 68. He is a hypocrite. 69, He weeps to show everyone. 70. He makes 'empty' talk. 71. Is a bluffer 72. He deceives, 73. He is bad intentioned. 74. He has deceit in his heart. 75. He is fraudulent. 76. Is dishonest. 77. Considers me, that person as a thorn in the flesh/Is jealous of me. 78. Is a liar. 79. Is a cheat 80. He is a (numbari) a certified criminal. 81. Sticks on endlessly after arriving 82. (Dimaagh ka
  10. 45. Is a blockhead. 46. He is a 'Waida1 \ Luchcna' meaning fewd \ licentious \ cunning 47. He is boastful/babbler 48. He is a braggart 49, He does not keep a promise. 50, He is a tell-tale. 51. Feeds on unethical earning. 52. Is deceitful. 53. Is angry natured. 54. Is irritable-fretful. 55, He is money-hungry. 56. He follows the rich around. 57. Does rot even heed the poor. 58. Es greedy. 59, Is a flatterer. 60. Is headstrong. 61. Acts with vanity/Pride 62. Is self-centered, 63. Is proud.
  11. 141 Examples of Backbiting : 1. He stretches on (Talking). 2. He butters (in speaking). 3. Acts smart. 4. Was fooling me. 5. Is talkative. 6. He bores. 7. He plays tricks. 8. Is an impostor. 9. Thinks too much of himself. 10. Is bad mannered\ un courteous foul-tongued \ 11. Is a sorcerer \ Gets magic done\sister in law (Brother's wife) has got it done 12. Is a babbler 13, Is Aivaeen1 (means, is just like that), 14. Is worldly 15. Thinks smart of himself. 16. Is a coward 17. His pronunciations are incorrect
  12. Assalamualaykum, Madina, today I was browsing Youtube and found some videos against Dawat-e-Islami and a video showing a picture of Ameer-e-Ahle-Sunnat (back side view), in it someone was saying something stupid in Urdu - I didn't quite understand. I just want to ask, is there any way to get rid of these videos? I'm not a frequent user of youtube so I don't know. JazakAllah azzawajal
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