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I have been trying to post for past 45 five mins a article. And yet I am to complete posting it. Can someone check whats wrong with this forum. I have 100+ articles written in english but it takes around 40 mins to an hour just pasting one of them from computer to forum. I have got sick of trying.


Can someone have look at the thread:




And could you also delete the post number 4.


Can this problem be sorted or should i just not aspire for posting anything in future. I really do not have four and half days, 110 hours, required to post all the material. I made a effort last time but got fed up with it, and tried this time again and decided I wont ever make the mistake three times.

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brother it's not about posting images. I've restored Post.No 4 . Please check it again




Ali bhai is trying for almost a month .. and every time there is sth wrong with formatting. He is using Open office to write articles. please try to solve this problem asap. Thanks :)

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There might be problem because of ur internet connection


posting ka as such koi masla nahee kafi high size images bhe aram say post ho jati hai if net is working ok.

anyhow if u face this problem all the time pls let us know what error message u get

was salam


Salam aalayqum wr wb


Baee internet meh toh kohi problem nahin, ek ek waqt meh, meh nay panch panch windows khol ker bayaq waqt sab meh taqareer on keroon toh be kabi slow nahin huwa.30 mb download speed heh aur 5 megabite upload speed. Peak time meh be mera connection 20 mb say kabi kam nahin huwa.


Pehli problem to formatting kee heh, pehlay ek daffa article ka kuch hissa paste kerna perta heh, phir 20 second bad woh preview hota, preview meh fomrmatting kee problem sort ker kay aur phir post kerta hoon, aur phir us ko edit kay leyeh click kerta hoon, phir meh writting kay size ko bara ker sakta hoon warna meh joh pappar beloon writting ka size bara nahin ker sakta aur nah font badal sakta hoon. Sirf ek post kay leyeh taqriban 5 min darkar hotay hen shoroon say finish taq. Phir bar bar yahi kuch kerna perta heh post kernay kay leyeh aur kabi kabbar yeh be fail ho jata heh toh phir shoroon krna perta heh aur shahid phir ek article kay ek hissay ko dass dafa post keroon toh tab bee seeda nah ahay, jistera POST 4 lakh jatan kay baad be seedi nah ho saki aur nah meh us ko edit ker sakka, balkay time exceed 30 secnd ka message ata raha, aur abhi phir say edit kee try keeya toh wohi message aya:


Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/ubaid_e_raza/www.islamimehfil.com/nazim-e-aala/sources/classes/bbcode/custom/defaults.php on line 1555


yeh sirf ek problem heh formatting kee apni jaga. Meh article open office per likhta hoon joh past kernay meh mujjay mushkal nahin hota magar formatting kharab ho jati heh, jistera POST 4 meh huwi heh,

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Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into time exceeding issue.


About formatting problem. That's almost universal for WYSIWYG editors. There might be some good one out there but what i have seen so far is whenever you paste something from MS WORD, it paste some extra formatting code in editor from MS WORD file, which cause many issues like you're seeing one right now. The best suggestion is to format in the editor instead MS Word but that might also be a problem for you. If it's not then paste your text in Notepad first, which will remove any kind of formatting from text and then paste in the editor and make headings, bold, colored wherever you want.


Can you please attach MS Word file, especially with the formatted text you posted in post#4. So we can check and see if we can do something about it or if there is some better alternative.

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