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Abu Imaan - Ala Hazrat Ki Ibarat Ka Siyaq O Sabaq.

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As salamu alayqum wr wb

Admin aur moderators say darkhwawast heh kay ek Wahhabi Ala Hazrat kee ibarat ka sayaq o sabak talb ker raha heh. Agar aap mahirbani keren aur us ko sayaq o sabat muhayya keren. In janab per haq per honay ka ziyada bhoot sawar heh. Agar meray pass time hota toh meh khud janab ko jawab deta magar tehreeri masroofiat itni hen kay meh esa kernay say aajiz hoon. Special darkhawast heh kay janab ko kohi sakht jumlay nah bolay jahen aur janab kay andaaz ko bar dasht keeya jahay. Mujjay maloom heh kay aap bahi narm dil aur sabr walay hen magar is dafa ziayda ihtiyat kee jahay.

Meh aap kay jawab ka intizar keeyh apni garantee per janab ko idhar behij raha hoon umeed heh aap meri garantee kee qadr keren gay.

Muhammed Ali Razavi

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And Ali,


Give us the context behind these quotes from your Imaam...


"He who doubts about the unbelief of the Deobandi's is also an unbeliever."

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/82)


"If anyone has the same beliefs as the Deobandi's have, he is also an unbeliever."

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/43)


"If anyone prays behind anyone of the Deobandi's, he is also not a Muslim."

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/77)


"Any person who doubts the kufr of these people (Deobandis) will themselves become kaafirs!" (See the preface to Ahmad Raza Khan's Tamheed-e-Iman, p. v, by the South African Barelvi who called himself the "Khadim-e-Raza: servant of Rida Khan", Mohammed Bana, dated 19/10/87)


"Any person who would not call them (Deobandis) disbelievers or would maintain friendship with them, or would take into consideration their positions as teachers or relatives or friends will also definitely become one of them. He is a disbeliever like them. On the Day of Judgement, he will also be tied with them in the same rope. Whatever lame excuses and fraudulent arguments they give here are invalid and false."

(Ahmad Rida Khan in his Tamheed-e-Iman)


"If anyone admires Darul Ulum Deoband, or does not believe in the corruption of the Deobandi's and does not scorn them, then this is sufficient to make a judgement for him to be a Non-Muslim!"

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/43)


"If there is a gathering of Hindu's, Christian's, Qadiyani's and Deobandi's, the Deobandi's alone should be rejected, for they have come out of the fold of Islam and defected from it. Agreement with the unbelievers is far better than the agreement with the apostates!!"

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Malfuzat pp. 325-6)


"The works of the Deobandi's are more unclean than the various works of the Hindu's. The doubt about the heresy of Ashraf Ali Deobandi and suspicion about his punishment is also unbelief. To cleanse the impurity with the papers of the works produced by the Deobandi's is not lawful, not because of the respect for their books, but because of the reverence of the letters with which they have been written."

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 2/136)


"The Wahhabi's are more contemptuous than Iblis, indeed more mischievous and more straying than he, for the Shaytan does not tell a lie, but they tell a lie!!"

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Ahkam-e-Shariat (p. 112)


"A woman is capable of committing fornication. Then according to the opinion of your leader and teacher, it is necessary that your God too should be capable of committing fornication - otherwise the prostitutes of the brothers of the Deobandi's would laugh at Him and say: 'How do you claim for Godhead? You are not capable of doing which even we can do?' This naturally implies that your God must possess a female sexual organ - otherwise where will be the sexual intercourse?"

(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Subhan al-Subbuh. P. 142)




Ek Wahhabi nay in ibarat per ihtiraaz keeya aur kehn chahta heh kay Ala Hazrat nay bila waja sakhti aur takfir kee.

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جناب بھائی محمد علی رضوی صاحب !عرض ہے کہ میں انگریزی نہیں جانتا، اگر یہ سوال اُردو میں ہوتے تو کچھ سمجھ آتی،ابھی پہلے دو حوالے فتاوی رضویہ مطبوعہ رضا فاونڈیشن لاہور کی جلد 6 میں تلاش کئے ۔ لیکن دئیے ہوئے صفحات پر یہ بحث ہی نہیں وہاں کوئی اور مسائل پر بحث ہے، اب معلوم نہیں معترض نے کون سے ایڈیشن کے حوالے دئیے ہیں، یہ حوالے تو کوئی انگریزی جاننے والا ہی تلاش کرے گا، ایک طریقہ اور ہے کہ اگر یہ عبارتیں اُردو میں ہوتی تودعوت اسلامی کی ویب سائٹ پر فتاوی رضویہ کا سافٹ وئیر ہے وہ ڈاون لوڈ کرلیں ، اُس سے آپ کوئی بھی لفظ لکھ کر سرچ کرسکتے ہیں، وہ مکمل عبارت نکال دے گا۔





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Jo Kufr bakay ya likhay .....phir os per arra rahay --- os ka difa karay ...tu aisay shaks nay jab khud he Islam choor diya tu osei KAFIR he kaha jae ga. 


Ye hi kaam yani un Murtad ka hukam bayan karna he AlaHazrat(RA) ney kya.

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