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Hazrat Ameer Mawaiya Radi Allahu Tala Anhu Cursed Ali Radi Allahu Tala Anhu?

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hazrat aik shia nay hazrat ameer Mawaiya radi allahu tala anhu per aietraz kiya hay kay wo hazrat ali ko bura kehtay thay. us ka sabooot ya daytay hien



Mu’awiya asks Sa’d to curse Ali (as)

We read in Sahih Muslim:

This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Shu’ba with the same chain of transmitters.
Amir b. Sa’d b. Abi Waqqas reported on the authority of his father that Muawiya b. Abi Sufyin appointed Sa’d as the Governor and said:
What prevents you from abusing Abu Turab (Hadrat ‘Ali),
 whereupon be said : It is because of three things which I remember Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) having said
about him that I would not abuse him and even if I find one of those three things for me,
 it would be more dear to me than the red camelg. I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) say about ‘Ali as he left behind
hrin in one of his campaigns (that was Tabuk). ‘All said to him: Allah’s Messenger, you leave me behind along with women and children.
Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said to him:
 Aren’t you satisfied with being unto me what Aaron was unto Moses but with this exception that there is no prophethood after me.
And I (also) heard him say on the Day of Khaibar: I would certainly give this standard to a person who loves Allah and his Messenger and
 Allah and his Messenger love him too. He (the narrator) said: We have been anxiously waiting for it, when he (the Holy Prophet) said:
Call ‘Ali. He was called and his eyes were inflamed. He applied saliva to his eyes and handed over the standard to him, and Allah gave him victory.
(The third occasion is this) when the (following) verse was revealed: “Let us summon our children and your children.
” Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) called ‘Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain and said: O Allah, they are my family.

Sahih Muslim,
Chapter of Virtues of Companions,
Section of Virtues of Ali,
Book 31, Number 5915




The Kufr act initiated by Muawiy of cursing Ali bin Abi Talib (as) from the pulpits incensed Ummul Momineen Um Salama (sa).

As Imam Ahmed records with a chain that has been declared ‘Sahih’ by Shaykh Shoib al-Arna’ut:

Abdullah al-Jadali said: ‘I came to Ummul Momineen Um Salama and she said to me: ‘How come Allah’s Messenger is being cursed among you?’.
I replied: ‘We seek refuge from Allah or praise Allah or some similar words’.
She said: ‘I heard Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) saying ‘whoever curses Ali has cursed me’

Musnad Ahmed bin Hambal
Volume 6 page 323 Hadith 26791




is ka jawab inayat ferma dien





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Hadith meh lafz sab istimal huwa heh ... sab ka mana TANQEED, CRITICISE, kerna ata heh. Ek hadith meh RasoolAllah (sallallahu alayhi was-sallam) kee mojdgi meh ghaliban Hazrat Hafsa radiallah ta'ala anha Hazrat Aysha radiallah ta'ala anha kee tanqeed ker raheen theen toh RasoolAlllah nay Hazrat Aysha radiallah ta'ala anha ko ijazat deeh kay woh be sab yehni Hazrat Hafsa kee tanqeed keray. Meray pass dalahil sab mojood thay magar hard drive format ho janay kee waja say pesh nahin ker sakta, talash ker kay yahan per pesh ker doon

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Imam Al-Nawawi mentions something similar in his commentation on the tradition. He says:  “It might have been that Sa’d was among a group who used to insult Ali [ra], and So the inquiry of Mu’awiya [ra], according to this understanding would be: What prevented you, O Sa’d, from insulting Ali, when everyone around you was doing it.”

Rather we should ponder over that, what would have stopped Mu’awiya [ra] from putting a punishment on Sa’d [ra] if he had ordered for Ali [ra] to be insulted and Sa’d [ra] refused? Mu’awaiya [ra] was the Caliphate at the time, so what would stop him? And with this, no punishment or penalty was placed on Sa’d [ra].

Rather we see that Mu’awiya refered to Ali [ra] as Abu Turab, the most beloved Kunya to Ali [ra], since it was given to him by the Prophet of Allah. Let us present it to you, (Sahi bukhari 8.297): Narrated Sahl bin Sa`d: There was no name dearer to `Ali than his nickname Abu Turab (the father of dust). He used to feel happy whenever he was called by this name.

The confusion stems from the fact that it says:

أمر معاوية بن أبي سفيان سعدا فقال ما منعك أن تسب أبا التراب
Translation: Muawiya bin abi Sufyan commanded Saad, asking him: what prevented you from insulting Abu Turab?

Now a typical liar would translate this as “Muawiya ordered Saad to insult Abu Turab” but anyone can see that is not what is written, even though it could have very easily been written differently if Muawiya was truly commanding someone to insult someone.

And of course, Saad responds by saying all the great things about Ali (ra) and Muawiya (ra) doesn’t object at all. Lastly, Justice and Trustworthiness are high caliber qualities. Muaawiya(ra) was also a highly political and intelligent person. Would he not realize that such of his statements(if he did say those supposedly) could be harmful to his political stability? Kufa was a den for Ali(ra). lovers. Even a lowly politician would not do something like this as it would be simply encouraging the lovers of Ali r.a to rebel against his govt.

Imam Al-Qurtubi said: “The most authentic narration used is his (i.e. Muawiyah) saying to Sa’d b. Abi Waqas: What prevented you from insulting Abu Turab? And this is not [in any way] a declaration that he asked him to insult [him], rather it just was an inquiry about why he didn’t”.

893 – وأنبأنا ابن ناجية ، أيضا ، قال : حدثنا حسين بن مهدي الأبلي قال : حدثنا عبد الرزاق قال : أنبأنا معمر ، عن الزهري قال : لما قتل علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه وجاء الحسن بن علي رضي الله عنهما إلى معاوية فقال له معاوية : لو لم يكن لك فضل على يزيد إلا أن أمك امرأة من قريش وأمه امرأة من كلب لكان لك عليه فضل ، فكيف وأمك فاطمة بنت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم



1893 From the way of Al-Zuhri, he said: When Ali ibn Abi Talib (Radiya Allah ‘Anh) was killed, Al Hasan ibn Ali (Radiya Allah ‘Anhuma) came to Mu’awiya. Mu’awiya said to him: If your only virtue over Yazeed was that your mother is a woman from Quraysh and his mother is a woman from [the tribe of] Kalb then that would have been a sufficient virtue for you over him, how then when your mother is Fatima daughter of the Messenger of Allah (Salah Allah ‘Alaihi wa Salam) [Al-Sharee'ah by Al-Ajurri, died in 360 AH]

 امـّا الحسين فـقـد عـرفـت حظّه مـن رسول الله و هو مـن لحم رسول اللّه و دمـه و قـد عـلمـت لا مـحالة انّ اءهل العراق سيخرجونه اليهم ثمّ يخذلونه و يضيّعـونه ، فـان ظفـرت به فـاعـرف حقـّه و مـنزلة مـن رسول اللّه و لا تـواءخـذه بفـعـله ، و مـع ذلك فـانّ لنا به خلطة و رحما و ايّاك ان تناله بسوء او يرى منك مكروها.
- بحار ج 44 / ص 311-. حيات الامـام الحسين ج 2، ص 236. كامل ابن اثير ج 4، ص 6. طبرى ج 7، ص 196 و 217. ينابيع الموده ص 333.

Muawiya(ra) said to his son:“You know what relation Imâm Husayn ‘radiy-Allâhu ’anh’ is to the Messenger of Allah. He is a part from the beloved Prophet’s blessed body. He is an offspring from the flesh and blood of that most honourable person. I understand that the inhabitants of Iraq invite him to go there and be with them. But they will not help him; they will leave him alone. If he should fall into your hands, behave in appreciation of his value! Remember the closeness and affection of the Messenger of Allah ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ to him! Do not get back at him for his behaviour! Mind you don’t break the substantial ties I have established between him and us! Be extra careful lest you should hurt or offend him!” This advice of Hadrat Mu’âwiya’s to (his son) Yazîd is written in shia books like bihar al anwar, etc).]

so the narration of saad is not about cursing and as for second one it does not show explicitely that Muavia ra was involved in such an act.

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