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Tawheed Of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) Explained Eloquently.


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Tawheed is one of the most fundamental teaching of Islam. All Prophets had different rules and regulations for their respective nations but the doctrine of Tawheed remained constant in their teaching. Each Prophet taught their Ummat to believe in Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) as their God and taught He alone should be worshipped and no god-partners of any type should be attributed to Him. Our Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) emphasized the teaching of Tawheed in aspect of his daily life. Hence considering the importance of Tawheed effort was made to write a eloquent explanation of Tawheed which would be easier to commit to memory for the readers.

Unity Of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala):

Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) states: “He is the First and the Last, and the Apparent[1] and the Hidden, and He knows all things full well.” [Ref: 57:3] Allah the First whom none preceeded and the First without beginning. He is the Last without afterwards and the Last without a end. The Apparent undeniable and the Apparent without likeness [to His creation]. He is the Hidden to whom all points to and the Hidden without means to. The first who is preceeded and with beginning, the last with afterwards and with end, the apparent and with likeness, the hidden with leads to and means to is not Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). But His creation and from His creation: “There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearer and All-Seer.” [Ref: 42:11] Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) said: “Say: He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begets not, nor was He begotten; And there is none co-equal [or comparable] unto Him." [Ref: 112:1/4] He is the One undivisible, the One un-increasable, the absolute, the  perfect One. He is Eternal in meaning of; without beginning, without end. He was from eternity, is from eternity, will be to eternity. He was before creation. He is with creation and will be with creation after the day of judgment. He is not a male that He begets with female. He is not female that He begets with a male. He is was not begotten by another and there is none that can be like Him because: “He is Allah, the One, the Subduer (of all).” [Ref: 39:4] In another verse Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) states: “Eyes cannot encampass Him but He encampasses all eyes. He is the Most Subtle, all Aware.” [Ref: 6:103] He is not a creation within His creation. He is not located in a place or situated toward a direction. Therefore vision of eyes cannot behold Him.[2] His vision beholds all for He is not like His creation. He sees all without eyes, without being subject to limitation and restrictions, which His creation is subjected to. His vision is not dependant upon eyes, or light. He sees all, in all times. Day reveals nothing to Him, night hides nothing from Him. Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is Hearing and Knowing; “Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.” [Ref: 2:181] Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) Hears all, without the ears and dependancy. Without limit without restriction. His hearing remains perfect, in all ages, at all times and in all scenarios. Nothing hinders His hearing nothing improves His hearing. No noise can conceal a word from Him nor loudness can improve His hearing. Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is the all Knowing. Knower of the past, the present, and the future. His knowledge is perfect, absolute and complete. Past was not concealed and is not concealed from Him, present and and future was and is known to Him. His knowledge does not increase nor does it decrease. He remembers all and forgets nothing.

Wama alayna ilal balaghul mubeen.
Muhammed Ali Razavi.


- [1] Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is the Apparent in meaning of His Wujud (i.e. existance). In other words existance of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is evident and requires no proof; “Were they created by nothing? Or were they themselves the creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no firm belief.” [Ref: 52:35/36]

- [2] As our vision beholds objects, humans, animals, birds from creation of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). Creation sees with aid of eyes. As such our vision is restricted to a direction, limited due to weather, impaired vision, material obstructions. Eyes have inherent inability to see everything within creation.

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